4 Secrets to a Luxurious Bathroom

Have you ever strolled into a bathroom and felt instantly relaxed? Chances are it was not the pricey marble or shiny brass fixtures that made the space feel like a spa, but all of the small details that often go unnoticed. Little moves, such as storing a hand towel where it is easy to grab or leaving extra toilet paper where it is sure to be found, are small changes that help to make a bathroom that is calm and comfortable for both you and your guests. These are the small details that are more often felt than they are seen in a bathroom. Looking at the things that all luxury bathrooms have in common, we have created a list to help make your own bathroom more relaxing. This is the first step to turning your powder room into an oasis. 

1. They don’t make your guests feel uncomfortable. 

The number one trait of an elegant bathroom is that it should never make its visitors feel uncomfortable. It could be embarrassing for a guest to have to ask the host for more toilet paper. You never want your visitors to experience the bad feeling of having just showered, only to realize there are no clean towels to be found. To avoid these unwanted scenarios, make sure to stock plenty of extra toilet paper in a spot where it is easy to find. Before your overnight guests arrive, make sure to leave out extra towels, ideally where they are easy to get from the shower. If you do not have a towel bar, you can install some basic wall hooks is a quick solution.

2. They smell fresh. 

In line with staying away from embarrassment, the most luxurious bathrooms have an amazing way of always smelling fresh. Leave out a bottle of fragrance spray or try the classic box of decorative matches. You could also invest in an essential oil diffuser. Try hanging a bundle of fresh eucalyptus upside down from the shower head. Each time someone showers, the steam will bring out the fresh, minty scent of eucalyptus trees around the room. 

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3. They look incredibly clean. 

There is no way around this one. A comfortable powder room is also a clean powder room.  You should invest in the best tools to make cleaning easier, such as an angled scrubber that makes toilet cleaning a little more convenient. When you are in a rush, stick to this five-minute bathroom cleaning routine and wipe down the counter and mirrors, along with putting out fresh hand towels and giving the toilet a quick scrub.

4. They introduce your style with plants, art or decor. 

The best way to make your bathroom a beautiful space is to bring out art or decorative plants. Realistic faux plants are the best way for windowless or very low light bathrooms. Humidity loving live plants are ideal for a steamy shower that gets decent natural light. Gorgeous art could add personality to the bathroom. But you should avoid anything that could be ruined by humidity. Metal sculptural objects or decorative mirrors are some great choices.  

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