4 Tips to Find Your Interior Design Style

1. Determine Your Own Style

How would you want a space to feel? Here is a trick to help you hone in on your style: take a look at your closet. Do you prefer tailored pieces or do you prefer looser and more relaxing items? Are you attracted toward certain colors or patterns? Another great way to help you determine your style is to think of keywords that define how you want a space to feel.

You should take note of design inspirations in every facet of life. We oftentimes use these as a starting point to discuss with clients when we’re hired to help them design the interiors of their homes. Recall a hotel in which you have stayed or restaurant in which you have dined that particularly struck your fancy.

2. Find Out What You Do Not Like

It may be a lot easier for people to express what they do not like. By putting your dislikes into the equation, you can eliminate some things and narrow in on others. For instance, a bold large scale print may remind you of something in your childhood that you do not want to see in your own space. Or a wing back chair may bring back memories of being sent to time outs for pulling your brother’s hair. A certain color may evoke feelings of a past design trend that you are not eager to repeat. Those memories and reactions are very personal and individual, but also define our taste in design.

3. Plan Around Your Space

Space planning is very essential. Individuals often use furniture that is too large or too small for a space. We like to blame a certain retail company for the large scale furnishings that saturate interiors currently. Build around the furniture that you really have space for. You should think about the balance of a space. For the larger rooms, you can consider establishing zones for different activities. Although we love symmetry, you can make things look too contrived when you make everything symmetrical. Think about the visual weight and distribution to balance out the space. Proportion and scale are key to any room design.

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4. Sample Your Paint Color

Paint selection is one of the most important and cost effective choices you can make. Proper paint decisions harmoniously connect spaces. You should consider the house as a whole. You risk making disjointed rooms if you paint one room at time. Take into account how paint colors affect our mood. Some colors make people feel happy or even angry.

Sample real paint colors on your walls when looking at options. Observe them in the natural light and at night. Oftentimes a color that worked well for one project may not work for another. What may work at your friend’s home might not work at your house. The samples at the paint store are a helpful starting point, but what looks good on paper may not translate into your interior.

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