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4 Winter Decorating Tips to Spruce Up Your Home

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Need some winter decorating tips to keep your home warm and inviting after the holidays? Here are a few things to try. 

Winter Decor Tip #1: Embrace White

Even if you don’t live someplace that gets a lot of snow, people generally understand the association of white and winter time. Embrace that. 

For example, you can hang a wreath on your front door with white ribbons or flowers. Put a few artificial snowflakes on your mantle or side table. Change your throw pillows to be more of an offwhite. Drape a white blanket over the back of the couch. 

The point isn’t to make your whole home completely white, which can make it feel a bit sterile. But these accents will make it feel like it’s winter both inside and out. 


Winter Decorating Tip #2: Go Green

The second color we recommend introducing this time of year is green and there are a few reasons for that. 

The first is it helps make your transition out of the holidays a bit easier. Most of us get used to seeing garland around the home and a big green Christmas tree. Even if you don’t have a lot of Christmas decorations, most retail stores, malls and downtown city centers are covered with wreaths and garland. By adding a bit of greenery to your home, you can keep the warm feeling that green plants bring long after Christmas has ended. 

Green plants just help us feel connected to nature and the rest of the world. They add a bright, warm feeling to a room. It doesn’t take much – just a few potted plants or a wreath can go a long way. 


Winter Decor Tip #3: Bring In Warmth with Fire

Do you associate fire with the winter time? You aren’t the only one. Fire provides the heat and light that helps us get through these dark, cold days. For most people a fire is relaxing and soothing. The sound of the wood crackling in a fire is something that can put most people to sleep. 

Even if you don’t light the candles, find a way to get more of them in your home. The most common places are probably in the middle of your table and on the mantle, but be creative. Bookshelves, end tables, sofa tables and coffee tables are all great options. 

Don’t ignore the fireplace either. If you don’t actually use it to build fires, you can turn it into a piece of decor. Stack firewood inside and consider placing a few tea lights. 


Winter Decorating Tip #4: Use More Natural Things

Some of the best decorations you can use in the winter will come from your backyard. Put a few pinecones in a wooden bowl and place it on your coffee table. Get some fresh garland to drape around the home. Stack some birch logs on a firewood holder. Nature is beautiful – bring some of that beauty into your home!


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