5 Christmas Decorating Tips to Wow Your Guests

Without fail, my friends and family always ask the same question this time of year – “Do you
have any Christmas decorating tips?” I wanted to share a few of my favorites today.
Christmas Decorating Tip #1: Change the Tableware
It’s fine to use the same tableware for most of the year. Maybe you pull out your china or
something nicer for parties, but most people use the same stuff throughout the year.
Christmas is different. It’s a great time to spread some cheer and add a bit more color to your
table by investing in new tableware. From plates and cups to napkins and centerpieces, you can
level up the entire kitchen table.
The best part is you aren’t locked into a certain type of tableware. Does your family love
reindeer? You can find reindeer tableware. More of a Santa-loving family with little kids? Again,
no problem.
Christmas Decorating Tip #2: Replace Your Candlesticks
If you don’t have a lot of candles around the house, this one may not apply as much. Notice I
said as much, because maybe now’s a good time for you to get some!
Most people keep neutral-colored candles throughout the year. You just can’t go wrong with an
off-white candle, as it goes well in just about any room. Christmas is a great time to replace
those white candles with something more festive. Red and green candles usually do the trick,
and I recommend a mixture of both.
You don’t necessarily have to burn the candles. Some people love the sight and smell of
burning candles this time of year. Others don’t like the smell and just want to enjoy the candles
as decoration. Either way is fine.
Christmas Decorating Tip #3: The Power of Figurines
Putting a few Christmas figurines around the house can help you and your guests get into the
spirit. The obvious example of a Christmas-y figurine is Santa Claus, but there are more to
consider. Nutcrackers, such as the one in the famous play, are tied to Christmas. Reindeer are
another great choice,
It doesn’t end there though. Anything that makes you feel like celebrating the Christmas season
will work. Polar bears, penguins, cardinals, snowmen, Christmas elves – it’s up to you.
Tip #4: Use Ornaments and Christmas Trees Throughout the House
Christmas ornaments and trees are most of us only have out once a year. As soon as we see
them, our first thought is of Christmas.
There’s no reason you should limit yourself to the placement of these beautiful symbols. Use
them throughout the house!
– Put large glass jars full of ornaments on shelves or dressers
– Place small fake Christmas trees on the mantle, small tables or countertops
– Have a bowl of ornaments in the middle of your coffee table
You don’t need to do this on every single table of course, but spreading these throughout the
house will do wonders.
Tip #5: Use the Power of Christmas Flowers
Last but not least, let’s just acknowledge how great poinsettias are. Known as the Christmas
Flower, poinsettias add such a vibrant red to your living space they can’t be ignored. My favorite
place to put them is by the fireplace, but don’t limit yourself. They also look great as
centerpieces, on the mantle, on side tables, or even just standing up in the corner.
Christmas is a great time to invest a little more time and money into making your home
beautiful. Do you have a question about designing your home for Christmas?
Contact the experts at Interior Affairs today!
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