6 Sneaky Ways to Add More Storage Space to Your Home

If you’re living in a smaller place or just have a lot of stuff, trying to figure out where to store everything can be hard.

Fortunately, there’s a variety of tips and tricks you can follow to add more storage space to your home. Keep reading for six sneaky tips to boost your storage opportunities.

Store Towards The Top: While having cabinets and tubs that are out-of- reach can be inconvenient, these types of areas towards the ceiling can be a great place to store a lot of items. Many people have things that are not seen or used for many weeks or months. Invest in some storage boxes and put some of your lesser-used items up around the ceiling on shelves or in cabinets. Just be sure to label everything to save trips to look around.

Buy Some Hooks: Hooks are a great way to store coats and jackets since they can be placed just about anywhere. Invest in some hooks and place them in the hallway, on every door, and in the living areas. This can add a lot of storage and free up your closets for other items. If you have a lot of hooks in one area, keep them staggered so items are not clumped together.

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Use In-Wall Storage: Many slivers of walls have some sort of shelving that can be used for storage. If not, make some of your own to add some more space in your home. For example, narrow shelves on the sides of a doorway can hold bowls, small pieces of artwork, and other platters. These types of shelves can also make your rooms more interesting and can protect some of your more valuable items.

Take Advantage Of Your Doors: A lot of doors in the home are good spots to create some extra storage. You can buy some hanging bags or shelves for the door that can store kids’ toys, craft supplies, or even cleaning gear. Buy some doorstops to create enough space for hanging storage behind each of your doors, especially in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Hang Up Some Clotheslines: Clotheslines can be a modern and crafty way to create some more storage for clothes, especially if you have small children. Hanging a rail from the ceiling or walls can serve as a space to hang a lot of clothes on, and they can be decorated to blend in with the rest of the room. Some hooks or a small rack can even replace an entire wardrobe in a guest bedroom if you strategically place them.

Float Your Bookshelves: Some of the biggest clutter in a home comes from books that are thrown around everywhere. For bookworms and people who just have a few treasured books, building floating shelves are the solution. This provides room for a smaller desk or storage tubs in even a smaller room, while still holding a large variety of books.

Keep the above sneaky storage tips in mind to create more space in your home and provide opportunities for unique aesthetics that can accent different rooms. Storage solutions do not have to be expensive or elaborate. Oftentimes, the smartest storage opportunities arise out of smart planning and a bit of creativity.

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