6 Things That Make Your Home Less Sophisticated

Everyone wants to be the owner of a suave and sophisticated home. A sophisticated home can have a better resale value, can be a great item to show off to family and friends, and make your home more enjoyable to live in.

There’s a lot of advice and tips out there about what a homeowner can do to transform their home for the better, but there’s not necessarily a lot about what to stay away from. There’s a lot of things that can make your home a lot more sophisticated if you just stay away from them.

One of the easiest ways to keep a home sophisticated is to just make the beds. Unmade beds look bad and feel cluttered, and will certainly not give off an appealing feel to guests. Taking the time to make beds each day will turn the bedroom into a relaxing spot that is also an attractive space for a guest.

Sophisticated homes should also stay away from fluorescent lights. These bulbs can be very unflattering and make your décor and artwork look bad. Switching out fluorescent bulbs with softer and warmer alternatives will quickly transform a house. They will make the entire space more flattering and welcoming.

Staying away from wired technology is another quick way to make a home more sophisticated. A lot of wires and cords distracts from the other elements of the room and doesn’t look as modern. To look more sophisticated, mount your television or just get a simple console in order to display electronics. These are very easy to install and will look a lot more modern than a big stand or a lot of wires.

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Less sophisticated houses also have bad frames around pictures and art. It is important to choose frames that both accentuate the item and look good in the room. To look more sophisticated, get custom mats for your items and find frame colors that work with the other decorations. Even simple design modifications can totally transform a space and make your home look more inviting, friendly, and modern.

An easy way to have a less sophisticated house is to just have too much stuff. This can cause stress and cheapen the entire vibe of a house. Spending a few minutes each day on cleaning up can make your home look more sophisticated and certainly help you keep ahead of dirt and dust.

Another simple way to have a sophisticated house is to swap out your horizontal blinds for vertical ones. While horizontal ones do work well, they do not look good and are not the most effective anymore. If you can, swap out these types of blinds for vertical ones or for curtains on a rod. These work better at blocking out light and giving a better sense of privacy. Curtains especially will look much sleeker than blinds if you are able to install a curtain rod.

Good home design is often seen in the details. Small tweaks and design changes can make all of the difference when it comes to how sophisticated a home looks. Staying away from the simple things, like clutter and unmade beds, can turn any house into a more sophisticated offering.

An interior that flows well together and looks modern can make your home more enjoyable to live in and presents a more attractive space for other family and friends to enjoy. Plus, many of the simple ways to make a house more sophisticated are entirely free or relatively inexpensive to implement.

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