6 Ways to Make Your White Kitchen Welcoming

White rooms can seem very bland and simple, but the truth is that they are actually a lot more complicated than people think. If these types of rooms are not done well, the entire space can feel very boring and plain.

This becomes especially true in a white kitchen since it makes the whole atmosphere seem very sterile and unwelcoming if the all-white decorating scheme is not done well.

There are a number of ways to utilize texture, light, and different materials to make a white kitchen feel warm, friendly, inviting, and functional. Keep reading for six ways to make your white kitchen welcoming.

Layers Everywhere: The best way to avoid having a sterile kitchen is to just mix different shades of white. Mix and match shades at different points of the kitchen, but take care to not blend warm and cool whites together. Different shades of white make the kitchen have some depth to it and it also draws people’s eyes to different spots. Many paint retailers will group warm and cool whites in separate spots so you can easily pick out some different shades.

Make a Statement: A white statement material, like a marble countertop, can be a strong element in a well-designed white kitchen. Statement materials quickly draw people’s eyes to certain spots and will stand out, even in a room with a lot of other white items. Pair a statement piece with softer and more subtle materials in the background for a well-thought outlook.

Add A Bit of Color: You can add some splashes of color (in small amounts) to bring a bit of a dynamic feel to a white kitchen. Find a couple of contrasting colors and then incorporate them into the kitchen through chairs, lights, rugs, and even pieces of hardware. Injecting some color can give a friendly vibe and not take away from the white décor.

Bring In The Sun: An easy and cheap way to craft a welcoming white kitchen is to just take advantage of natural light. Light inside a white kitchen will accent the bright feeling and make the entire space seem a bit more open. Make sure your windows are not obstructed so the sunshine can flow into the kitchen and reflect around your space. You should find shades that can be pulled up all the way during the day.

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Decorate Your Island: If you have an island in your kitchen, add some decoration to it in order to bring your kitchen together and stand out in a soothing way. You can top your island with a different material to break up your kitchen, or just add some unique accessories and kitchen appliances on it to make it stand apart from everything else.

Add In Softness: Different fabrics are an easy way to make your white kitchen seem soft and inviting. This can be done through rugs, smaller floor runners, and window curtains or drapes. Fabrics with clean geometric patterns can soften up a kitchen and make it feel more welcoming.

A white kitchen can be a bold design choice if it is done effectively since it can look clean, modern, and stylish, while still remaining functional. Take the time to add in layers and splashes of color to make the white designs work well together while still avoiding a more sterile look that can seem unwelcoming.

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