7 Interior Design Trends to Follow This Fall

Summer is sadly about to come to an end. While the temperatures dropping outside, things are heating up inside with the new hot fall interior design trends. Here are some of our favorite trends and ways you could incorporate them into your home.

Bright Colors Are Making a Coming Back

Neutrals such as beige, gray, and taupe are still popular. But we are seeing more bright colors on walls and in fabrics, especially in blues. Rich cobalt and vibrant turquoise are very popular. You should ayer intense hues together to add warmth to any room. If it starts to be too dark, just throw in some additional lighting to brighten it up.

Wallpaper Is Not Going Away

Wallpaper will continue to grow in popularity. If you are reluctant to do a whole room, just cover a single wall for small a pop of color, texture, or pattern. And lots of people are now papering powder rooms. You could even get humidity resistant paper.

Mix and Don’t Match in the Kitchen

We see more and more people using a mix of surfaces and facings in kitchens instead of the standard matching cabinetry. Adding new and old furniture gives the space a unique look. Reclaimed wood is still a huge trend in flooring, cabinet fronts, countertops and furniture. With the deep colors that change and improve with wear and time, it is perfect for kitchens.

Get Industrial in Your Design

Rustic salvaged metal is also very popular, especially when used in lighting fixtures, such as Edison-style lightbulbs in exposed-wire shades, and in modern furniture with skinny metal legs, such as an old museum and library style file and display cabinets.

Add Handcrafted Items

Handcrafted elements such as natural fibers and organic shapes are more popular than ever. You are seeing them everywhere in the house, from pottery in the kitchen to woven textiles throughout the home. One of a kind products will add character and originality to the home. You could feel good about supporting local artisans. Think of it as a house corollary to the locavore movement. 

Invite Wooden Textures

Another trend we love this year, is adding wooden textures to your home and especially to your walls. When you use the natural texture of wood elements, it will make your interior space feel more welcoming and inviting. Whether in your living room or entrance, printed wood graphics and are a gorgeous way to incorporate this trend.

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Modern Marble Texture

Marble has always had a big influence on interior design, but recently designers are finding a way of incorporating this classic, elegant material into office spaces for just a fraction of the cost. Marble graphics are a great way to boldly mix and match colors and effortlessly spruce up your home. A nicely printed marble canvas could be the perfect backdrop for your next big product launch.

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