8 Interior Design New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

1.  I will donate everything I haven’t used in the past year.(Or at least a bunch of stuff I haven’t used in the past year!) Starting January 1st, go through one room and/or closet per day and pick up each item and think about the last time you’ve used it. Literally, hold each item in your hands and think about how important it is (or isn’t) to you. You’ll be amazed how many things you just don’t need. If you want toget organized, this is the best way to do it. Oh, and you’ll be a blessing to someone else in need!

2.  I will invest in the invisible at least as much as I do the visible. Stress, anxiety, depression and lack of sleep are real things that reallyaffect us! You can have a beautiful space – but if you haven’t worked on your “invisible” inventory, it will be difficult to enjoy your surroundings. This is a design principle we LOVE, and hope you’ll implement in the New Year! ”Work at least as hard in the invisible world as you do in the visible world.” – Rumi

3.  I will replace or repurpose one piece of furniture in my home.It’s always fun buying new things for our home, but what’s even more special, is redesigning something old for a new purpose! Whether you’re a Do It Yourself (DIY) Maven or a beginner, there’s loads of fun and simple projects you can conquer around your home. Need some ideas? Then check out our fun “I Die for DIY” Pinterest board!

4.  I will bring out one heirloom or antique and display it. There’s something truly romantic about displaying pieces from our past. Whether it’s an accessory you purchased at an auction or something that was passed down to you, bring it to the forefront! These items make great conversation pieces and remind us of where we’ve come from. In the words of  Sally Coulthard, ”Surrounding ourselves with nostalgia & history helps us to plug into the past, making us feel grounded in the present & confident about looking to the future.”

5.  I will let go of any negative paint color, accessory, or piece of furniture that does not serve the direction I’m going in this year.Did you experience a major loss this past year (divorce, job loss, etc.)? Don’t be afraid to let things go in your home that remind you of negative events. Of course, there are some things we want to hold on to when we overcome hard times, but, don’t be afraid to donate or throw away things that really won’t benefit your new state of mind in the New Year.

6.  I will update my guest bathroom. If you read our recent blog post, then you know how important we think your guest bathroom is. Make this a priority in the New Year! You will not only feel accomplished, but it will encourage you to invite company over to celebrate with!

7.  I will do one thing to improve the “face” of my home. As we’ve said beforelet’s not forget about the exterior of our homes. After all, it is the first impression anyone has of your cherished living space! Invest in a lawn service, install a sprinkler system, paint your front door a new color and remove that dying tree you’ve stared at for years! Everyone wants to feel good driving up to their home after a long day. So, go on and give yourself the gift that keeps on giving (and adds value to your home)!

8.  I will do one thing to improve my favorite room in the house.Just when you think you love your favorite room enough, go the extra mile and add that lamp or fragrance decor you’ve been eying. It’s OK to splurge on your favorite space!

courtesy of: idesignbyjulie.com