9.30.16 Flashback Friday

Thinking of Hiring an Interior Designer?

With so many decisions to make while remodeling or redecorating, it only makes sense to have someone you can trust bring everything together for the best end result. A designer can coordinate all of the many moving parts to bring your vision into reality without the worry and stress


Creativity, communication skills, experience, a sense of function, practical application, and management skills are just some of the characteristics to look for when selecting your designer. A designer should ask many questions pertaining to your lifestyle, and offer suggestions and ideas that you may have never thought of on your own. A formal presentation with visual aids should also be part of the designer’s routine to help you discover better solutions. An actual picture takes the guesswork out of the end result, creating timeless design that will serve your family for many years to come.


First, we all need to get comfortable with the word! Your designer should not be afraid to talk about a budget. In fact, it should be one of the first subjects discussed at the first meeting. In order to achieve the best end result and maintain a comfortable relationship with your designer (as well as the additional trades involved with the project), the budget must be considered a priority. As projects develop, excitement builds and
expectations can grow. You may have felt that a little change here and there would do the trick, but before you know it, that small and simple job may end up becoming a larger job. It is important for your designer to know exactly how much money you want to spend. They can then approve your budget, or let you know if it’s not reasonable for the type of project you want to complete. With open communication, your designer will be able to save you money by making decisions that reflect sensible design choices.


Once the budget has been established, designs have been approved, and orders have been placed, keeping the project moving forward in a timely fashion becomes the next priority. Your design team should create a schedule so that all parties involved understand and stay committed to the time frame.

Expediting and Delivery

Quality control on products and furnishings are a major responsibility for a designer. As items are shipped from all over the world, it is the duty of the designer to make sure your products are delivered and installed in good condition. The designer should inspect the craftsmanship of all furnishings before authorizing delivery to their client. Coordinating deliveries and installations with multiple vendors and trades can be challenging, but a designer can make this process smooth and seamless to ensure their client’s project is completed with the best possible results. Now it’s your turn—you have waited long enough to begin your design project. Vickie Daeley, has been making clients happy all over Southern California for nearly 25 years. She brings with her a design and build-team that have been successfully working with her for years. To find out how Interior Affairs can help transform your home into a beautiful sanctuary, you can call Vickie Daeley at 714-970-8000 or 949-640-5000. You can also visit the Interior Affairs’ website at www.interioraffairs.com.