A Premier Design Team

Premier Design Team- Interior AffairsVickie Daeley is one of Orange County’s premier interior designers. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, showcasing her interior designer home skills. She’s been in the business for nearly twenty years and has a list of testimonials as long as her measuring tape. Her design studio, Interior Affairs in Anaheim Hills, remains one of the best and most sought after in Orange County Interior Design. The question is… Why do you need her?

In our current economic climate, it would seem that interior design would be a luxury. A luxury we may be able to do without. While it may seem tempting to roll up your sleeves and try your own hand at remaking your home, giving Interior Affairs a call may be time very well spent. Experience Magazine spent an afternoon with Vickie, exploring the ins and outs of her often-misunderstood vocation of luxury interior design.

“Most people, when they think about Interior Design at all; see it as turning their home over to a stranger,” said Vickie. “Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, we don’t make a move without taking the time to really get to know our clients. We need to know what they want down to the smallest detail before we buy a single can of paint or piece of fabric. We need to know how they live day to day. Are there children in the house? Pets? How often do they entertain? In what style? Often our initial consultation will reveal concerns the clients themselves may have overlooked. We also work to include all those existing items in their home that are most important to them. Heirloom furniture pieces, objects of art, gifts, vacation purchases that hold special memories, we strive to incorporate and showcase them all in our design.”

Once the initial consultation is complete, Vickie and her staff prepare a full multi-media presentation for their clients. Before the first piece of furniture is moved or the first nail is hammered, her clients can experience their new home virtually in Interior Affairs design studio. All floor plans are laid out with Computer Assisted Design, and everything from the largest piece of furniture to the smallest fixture is fully color rendered to display accurate placement of pattern and color.

“Our design plan presentation is an invaluable tool for our clients,” said Vickie. “We allow our clients to get a full view of their finished room or home prior to ordering product.”

Another important consideration to keep in mind when looking into a re-design of your home is your investment of time.

“One of the most commonly held misconceptions about what I do is that I work in a vacuum” said Vickie. “A design plan is only the first step in the process. I bring with me a team of designers, craftsman, and contractors that can accomplish a client’s goal in a time frame that most could never hope to achieve by hiring piecemeal. My thought is that the less time spent turning my clients lives upside down, the better. Also, most people don’t realize the inherent complications of bringing together so many different specialists into the same project. So much of what I do is coordination and oversight. Clients aren’t just hiring Vickie Daeley, they’re hiring a team that’s been working together successfully for years.”

Working within your budget, the team at Interior Affairs can transform your home into a functional, practical, and luxurious designed showplace you may have never believed possible. So whether your needs are modest or expansive, for one room or your entire home; a call to Interior Designer Orange County Vickie Daeley and her premier Interior Affairs design team may be time and money well spent for your interior decorating needs.