A Villa Park Charm!

To some remodeling can sound very stressful…but when the project is done and ready for daily use, all of the stress you felt is suddenly gone! That is of course if you choose the right people to do your work and design it properly. It takes a design team who is experienced and that can stand the test of endurance. Some projects take a little longer than others depending on the scope of work that is involved. In this case, we redesigned a living room, entry hall, and the dining room. the client’s had not done anything in their home for nearly 35 years! So, you can imagine, how outdated it really was!

We started this Villa Park home with the basic layout of the room. The room is rather large and they need to be able to entertain around 25 people in the room about 2-3 times a year! So, seating was one of the most important issues.
In considering the amount of people our clients needed to seat, the furniture arrangement was crucial! We designed two areas of seating which also created a sense of intimacy for conversational groupings. With a newly redesigned fireplace at one end of the room and an angular sofa at the other end of the room, we filled the room with pieces that would satisfy their needs.
While entertaining, it is important for my client to be able to have everyone sit at the dining room table together…so finding a table large enough to accommodate this need became a slight challenge…however; we were able to find exactly what she needed!
After we had taken all of the wallpaper off the complete area, we painted, carpeted and installed beautiful light sconces with recessed LED lighting, which created true ambiance.
This picture is just a slight preview of the before and after as we reconstructed and reupholstered their own sofa. This sofa along with all of the other items designed for the room will be installed later this month!

The first picture shows the before sofa! The second picture shows the sofa almost completed!

re upholstery

Sofa Before Reupholstery

After reupholstery

After Reupholstery


Once the rest of the furnishings are installed we will be posting to our projects in Houzz, Facebook and also onto our website at www.interioraffairs.com!