The Art of Accessorizing Your Walls

The Art of Accessorizing Your Walls

The Art of Accessorizing Your WallsWhen it comes to putting the final touches in your home, a lot of homeowners get hung up on what to do next.  What kinds of items should I put on my walls or in bookcases?  Where is the best place to put a family gallery? How should I arrange these pictures? These are just some of the questions people struggle with when trying to complete their home projects. Walls and shelves can be intimidating and most people don’t want to buy a lot of “useless” knick-knacks that don’t serve a purpose.  Accessories don’t have to be useless, and even when they don’t have a specific function; they serve a much bigger purpose, accessories are the jewelry that complete your look and highlight the overall design.

We’ve compiled a list of common areas in your home that may be in need of some accessorizing.  Whether it is a blank wall or a half filled bookshelf, it is a canvas full of design possibilities.

  1. Entryway

Most homes have a standard area when you walk in the front door, but every home is unique in the way this area functions.  Some people want it to be an elegant expression of the rest of their home while for others it may serve as a hub for a very active lifestyle.  Entries don’t always have large amounts of wall space, depending on the size of the home, but it is important as it makes a first and lasting impression.  If you need this area to serve as a storage area for things you use every day; keys, shoes etc., it is best to make it organized.  Hanging a wall organizer with hooks over a storage bench is a great way to clean things up but keep it inviting and can be complimented with hanging artwork or family photos.  An entry table can also be a nice statement. It can be an anchor to a collection of artwork on the wall or a large carved mirror.  Remember when placing a decorative mirror on any wall in your home, it’s important to think about what it is reflecting.  Is it a view worth looking at twice?  Chandeliers, windows and other artwork are good things to have reflected as it adds light and color to your space.  If you don’t have a large space in your entry but you have bare boring walls, a good addition could be using a bold paint color or wallpaper to highlight this area and create definition.  This can also work well in a larger entry that may have high ceilings or challenging architectural elements that may make wall décor seem out of place.

  1. Staircases and Hallways

These areas can be difficult to accessorize because they are narrow and have a lot of traffic going through them, but that doesn’t mean it has to be bland and boring.  This is a great place to put a family gallery or for displaying a collection of artwork.  Grouping pieces can sound intimidating but it doesn’t have to be.  Arranging and organizing your pieces on the floor first is always a good idea.  You can change your mind without destroying your walls and your paint.  Select a piece and starting from the center, work your way out. Space the pieces out with about the same distance as the size of your frame. Not all of your pieces need to be the same size or even have the same frame.  You can create visual balance by hanging things of differing sizes, shapes and colors at different heights and achieve a harmonious collection you will love to pass each day.  As with most of the areas in your home, paint can also make a dramatic impact in this area as well as using a bedboard or trim to add texture to your walls.

  1. Family Room

The main living area of your house more than likely has many wall areas to address.  These spaces aren’t just limited to bare walls, it can also include the open shelving you may have.  If you don’t style these shelves the right way your display of beloved items may make your space look cluttered.  Evenly mixing a variety of items that are nice enough to put on display will go a long way in bringing some life to your shelves.  Here is a list of items we would suggest in a bookcase:

  • Books– Selecting books with an attractive cover is a great way to bring in color and interest. Sometimes if necessary you can even recover an old book with wallpaper or a wrapping paper piece for a fun pop of texture or pattern.
  • Tall Accent Pieces– If you have adjustable shelves in your bookcase it is good to vary the height of the shelves and maybe remove a few of them to incorporate taller and larger pieces. Layering the heights of your items moves your eye throughout the space and looks better than everything being the same size and shape.  When styling a shelf with a larger space make sure the scale of the items work so you don’t have a large empty gap between shelves, otherwise it will look incomplete like something is missing.  Stacking an object on a stack of books is also good for added height, if necessary.
  • Picture Frames– These are important in an area like this as it helps to add your personal touch. Selecting frames with different designs and textures also helps to add a unique flare.
  • Greenery– Whether you decide on faux plants or real plants a little green adds a lot of life to your shelves. The softness created by these pieces is important to make the room look comfortable.
  • Sculptures or Interesting Objects– Vases, figurines or finials are beautiful pieces with different shapes that beautifully break up the repetitiveness of the straight lines in a bookcase. They can also bring in unique textures or finishes that can add color and interest as well as being a potential conversation starter.
  • Boxes and Candlesticks– Decorative boxes are very useful in a space like this. You can store items inside such as matches for your fireplace or remotes for your TV, where they are still convenient without disrupting your style.  Candlesticks are good to add different heights as well as texture and color.  They are also good compliments with most of the other items suggested for this type of space.  Adding a colorful candle on the candlestick is also a good way to spice up your shelving and tie in with your other décor.
  1. Kitchen

Kitchens may not have a lot of wall space but they can have elements that add to the overall design of your home.  Decorative tile backsplash can add a lot of color or elegance to your space.  If you don’t have a large amount of wall space but want your kitchen to be more decorative you may think about adding some open shelving or do glass fronts on some of your cabinets.  It makes a creative display area for elegant dishes or collections of crystal that you may not want to hide behind your cabinets.

  1. Bedroom or Office

These spaces are more personal and are usually approached a bit differently.  For example, in a child’s room the walls can be covered in specialty paint or personal displays of artwork.  The pieces are made to be a bit more transitional as children may want to change it more often.  If you want to do something that makes a big impact but is easy to change and maintain think out of the box with a large decal or graphic.  A large framed art print that brings in a lot of color is good in a bedroom as well to compliment bedding and other décor.  The wall décor in this space can also be done using fabric.  A large upholstered headboard or even faux drapery panels can add softness and make the room comfortable and inviting.  Some homes also have architectural elements such as a pass-through or niche that may need a little help to make it complimentary to your design.  Faux iron panels are a great addition in these spaces.  They add an elegant and distinctive touch.

The walls of your home do much more than define the area of the rooms inside.  They can be used as an expression of your style and help to make your house a home.  Styling these areas is essential in making your space feel complete and comfortable.  Hiring a designer to help with the accessories and finishing touches in your home can be invaluable.  With a professional eye for detail, they can come in and guide you through the process so that you don’t have to stress or worry about putting things in the right places or making sure you do justice for your art collection.