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Bring Summer’s Luxurious Warmth Home

Bring Summer’s Luxurious Warmth Home Summer, with all its color, breeziness, warm memories and inviting sense of fun and relaxation is with us again!  Are you thinking of planning a few casual, or not-so-casual gatherings in your home during the next few months?  If so, we hope this article will inspire you to bring in […]

Let There Be Light!

Let There Be Light! Few things can affect the mood and functionality of your home like light.  It can create any experience you desire.  From organic, subtle. romantic or meditative moments to vibrant, stimulating and dynamic activity, light has the capacity to transform every room in your home.  Achieving everything that lighting has the ability […]

Exploiting Ambient Light

Just as there are many ways to add layers of lighting, there are many ways to add ambient light to a room.  If a room is mostly used in daytime hours, you may want to consider ways to exploit the natural outdoor light.  Opening up walls (fenestrations) or adding windows to add more sun exposures […]

Creating Relative Warmth and Coolness

Besides varying degrees of brightness, light also contributes to a room’s sense of warmth or coolness.  Warm light is perceived as more ‘yellow’ while cool light is more blue.  Your own personal taste should guide you in selection of the warmth or coolness for each room.  If your tastes are for rich, warm colors of […]

Layered or Patterned Lighting

Each of the rooms in your home are used for different purposes; some rooms have multiple uses.  Using lighting patterns of different levels of brightness and color adds to the functionality and comfort of each room while also introducing dramatic textures.  Light can be used to emphasize architectural line and form, colors, patterns, and textures. […]

Bringing the Indoors Outside

This trend, which actually started several years ago continues to grow in popularity.  It creates a seamless transition from your home to your outdoor space using outdoor rugs, ottomans and side tables, layered blankets and throw pillows.  It includes decorating with furniture and décor that looks like it was created for the indoors.  If the […]

Decorate For Summer: Add Extra Texture

Adding fresh plants to any room introduces dashes of summer’s bright colors and introduces new, organic textures that continue to evoke summer’s sense of warm calm.  We especially like bougainvillea because they are so saturated in color and introduce a Mediterranean flair but if your preference is for a more subdued feel, pink dahlias or […]

Let the Colors In

We believe that your home’s décor should be a reflection of who you are.  In this reflective perspective, you can think about the three trending color palettes for 2017 as either Confident, Composed or Comfortable. Confident paint colors include dusky blues, spicy reds and bright, lime greens.  If you’re not sure you want that much […]