Rediscovering Beauty….in Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodels often times evolve from a major issue that needs to be addressed, but not always. More and more people are discovering the beauty and style their bathrooms can contain.In terms of square footage, it is the most important room in the house. The average home has a builder grade bathroom that was designed to please just about anybody. While it may function just fine, the design appeal may be lacking.

There are many ways you can update a builder grade bathroom on a realistic budget and timeline. With the help of an interior designer, this process can be made effortless and the result will be stunning. We have outlined some ways to upgrade your bathroom using streamlined fixtures and beautiful finishes to bring a unique custom look to your cookie-cutter bathroom.

1.Material Selections

Many people will find a tile or stone that really inspires them and want to design the entire bathroom around that piece. Whether it is a distinctive tile to be used as a focal point or can be used throughout your design, this is a good place to start. It can help in providing the color scheme, feel and overall look of the bathroom you want to create. Working with a professional can help to coordinate this with other tiles and fixtures that will really make things come together in the best way possible.A designer will also know the best way to use your materials according to their finish and function. It is important to know that some materials have restictions in the way they can be incorporated into a bathroom, for example you wouldn’t want to put a smooth tile on the floor of your shower.


2.Tile Design and Placement

Tile layout and placement can be where you add the most visual interest in a bathroom design. There are many different options in tile. Size, shape, finish, texture; it can all be used to create a beautiful custom bathroom. Combining these different sizes and shapes in a shower ortub area can be tricky. If a design isn’t done correctly it can look too busy, create the illusion of heaviness or even make your bathroom look smaller. Using proportion and the architectural details your bathroom may already have are essential in making the impact you are striving for.

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3. Color Scheme

Finding the right color palatte for your bathroom is a vital part of the design plan. Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and finding the right colors for both your walls and your permanent elements and fixtures will help with the overall design. Using neutral colors and bringing pops of interest with a colored accent tile or even in wall color or accessories is a great way to give it a clean resort feel.

4.Existing Layout

If the bathroom you want to remodel already functions well for you but just needs some updating, this can save you time and money. Moving plumbing fixtures and walls can be expensive and time consuming.Considering refinishing for your existing cabinets and simply switching out and updating light fixtures can make a big impact on your design but not on your budget. This also includes changes like your cabinet hardware, faucets and showerheads. Updating them and making them
all the same finish will give the bathroom an updated and cohesive look.One thing to remember about fixtures is that cheap ones don’t last long and when they fail they can be difficult to replace. Spending a little bit more on these types of items is definitley something to consider.


Most builder grade bathrooms don’t have adequate lighting plans. Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting in a bathroom. Whether you want dim lighting for a relaxing bath or need better lighting at your vanity to put on makeup, this is one area where you can make your bathroom more beautiful and functional. Even considering options that aren’t as common such as; wall sconces next to your mirror or a chandelier over your tub will make your bathroom distinctive and sleek.

6.Finishing Touches

For some people bathroom accessories seem pointless, but they can add to the style and function of your space as well as enhance storage and convenience. Choosing items that serve both a function and an aesthetic purpose can be harder to accomplish, but are important when making a selection on what to place on your vanity top. The space on an average sink vanity is limited and you wouldn’t want to take up this valuable area with just anything. Apothecary jars can be great for this area. They are elegant and can be filled with things you constantly use; cotton balls, bath salts, q-tips etc. Mirrors are another accent that is necessary to have but can add a unique design feature. Selecting a mirror with a distictive shape or beautifully carved frame can create a stunning focal point. The walls and floors are also areas where you can add something with color or texture to enhance your design. Area rugs are helpful in front of sinks and bathtubs for softness and comfort and can add a pop of color. Artwork will also bring in a visual interest to compliment the design and can help to set the tone in your bathroom. Greenery is also a good addition to your space. Whether it is artificial or natural it can add color and softness and give your bathroom a resort feel.


Keeping in mind the items on this list as well as budget, timeframe and fuction will help you to achieve your goals for your builder grade bathroom. Hiring the right professionals for your bathroom renovation can also be essential in keeping things on track as well as sparing you from unnecessary stress. A qualified designer will be able to guide you through the process and be knowledgable about the materials that you are working with. They will be able to ensure things are done in the correct manner and have an end result you will be proud of. Many designers also have a team of tradesman that they work with on a regular basis which can be crucial in this circumstance. Having a team that has worked together before and can communicate efficiently would be invaluable. If a problem does arise, this team would know how to solve the issue together and quickly. With many years of experience, Interior Affairs and our design team have gone through many remodeling projects and value your remodel project as much as you do.