Big Ideas for Small Spaces

When most people think of a powder room, nothing too special to comes to mind. These small
bathrooms are often forgotten in the shuffle when redesigning a home. You want to make sure
that this doesn’t happen. It is important that the powder room matches the level of décor
throughout the rest of your home or else it can feel like an oversight. This room is also one that
will be used by the majority of guests that come to your home. It is a chance to make them feel
like they have entered a lavish space by paying attention to small details in a small space.

Here is a list of ideas for some areas of your powder room and different ways that they can be
updated and customized to make a statement.

1. Flooring
The powder room is a great place to indulge in your flooring. Since the room is small,
the square footage will be low, making it the ideal place to lay a beautiful floor that may
be too expensive to do in a larger area of your home. You can take advantage of this by
laying that marble tile you’ve had your eye on. Whether or not cost is a factor, there is
also a great opportunity to use flooring to add eye-catching detail to the space. Choose
a uniquely shaped tile to create texture from the pattern they create when installed.
You can also go a little bolder with painted patterned tiles. Just because the flooring is
more neutral in the rest of your house doesn’t mean that the powder room floor has to
be! Adding a unique floor can really make the room pop.

2. Lighting
Even though powder rooms are small, there is still ample opportunity to add ambiance
through lighting. Depending on the size of your powder room, you may want to add
recessed lighting into the ceiling to make sure that the space is bright enough when it
needs to be. Aside from this though, there are opportunities to add other light fixtures
to give the powder room a softer, more inviting atmosphere. You can add a traditional
vanity light over the mirror above the sink or try a decorative sconce on either side of
the mirror. This symmetrical look adds elegance, formality, and drama in a more unique
way. If ceiling heights allow, you may opt for a hanging pendant light or small chandelier
instead. Whatever you choose, adding ambient light fixtures in your powder room is
always a great idea.


3. Walls
Many people think that in a small space like a powder room, you need to keep the walls
simple to avoid overwhelming the space. However, the opposite can be true when done
correctly! Using patterned wallpaper, hand-painted wall treatment, stone, tile,
reclaimed wood, or wainscoting will add a bold statement to your powder room. If this
type of wall treatment isn’t your thing, you can also try a paint color that is maybe a
little bolder than something you would use in a larger room in your home. The powder
room is a great place to experiment with your walls.


4. Mirror
An easy way to add more visual interest to your powder room is by swapping out the
mirror. In a powder room, you aren’t going to have the need for as big of a mirror as you
would in a bathroom where one or sometimes multiple people are getting ready. Ditch
the nondescript rectangle for a more interesting shape. There are so many different
options available. Try an oval, quatrefoil, round or an even more irregular shape to add
to your space. Buy an antique Venetian glass mirror with etching details around the
edges for an ornate, opulent feel. Find an old window frame at a flea market and have
the glass panes replaced with mirrors for a more shabby-chic style. Even just updating
your mirror’s frame to something more colorful or visually interesting can make all the
difference. There are so many possibilities to add a unique touch to your powder room

5. Hardware and Fixtures
A powder room is a great place to use unique or trendy hardware, like cabinet pulls,
towel bars and rings, and doorknobs. You can also get away with a more unique sink or
faucet in this space. While we typically encourage homeowners to avoid anything too
trendy and opt instead for timeless pieces that will always be in style, since the powder
room is such a small space it would be inexpensive to change out hardware if the trend
goes out of style or you decide it’s not your taste after a few years. Try hardware in a
unique finish, color, shape or with unexpected details like wood or glass. These simple
changes can instantly enhance the look of your space.

6. Accessories
The simplest way to make an impact in your powder room is to change out your old
accessories. This is the quickest and least expensive update you can make since it
doesn’t require any remodeling or construction, but it will still make a big impact in the
small space. Try adding fresh flowers, new decorative towels with a pattern or beading,
candles, or apothecary jars filled with cotton balls or other bathroom items. Since
powder rooms are often lacking in storage, you can also display necessary items such as
toilet paper or hand towels in decorative baskets. Adding elements like this to your
powder room will make the space feel inviting for your guests, as anything they may
need is available to them in the powder room. Also, if there is any available wall space, a
piece of art can add more color to your powder room and enhance the style.


Don’t forget, no matter how small the space, there is always opportunity to be creative.
Although powder rooms are small, they can make a big impact and add pizzazz to your home.
With a little time and planning, you can take your small powder room and turn it into a
beautiful space that your guests will enjoy.