Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Big Ideas For Small Spaces- Interior AffairsIt is commonly thought that if you are decorating a small room, you should use small furniture pieces and various other items in order to make the room look bigger. People seem to forget that “less really is more” and makes for great impact when it comes to Interior Decorating small spaces. Vickie Daeley and her Interior Affairs team of Orange County Interior Design can be sure to make every square inch count in your one of a kind designed home.


Keep an open mind in regards to larger pieces. Placing a few larger pieces in the room helps the room flow more easily. The room becomes more inviting, making you feel welcome rather than looking at various smaller pieces wondering where you should sit. With assistance from a professional interior designer furniture is selected correctly, which in result makes the room feel more spacious than it really is.


Using larger scaled patterns in wall décor can bring ambience to the room. Color palette decisions along with your style preference are most likely the key element of any room. You should absolutely love the color, and style as this is going to be the focus. If you feel good about this, the rest should fall into place to create a luxurious design.


Consider what the major use of the room will be. In the case of an office, used on a full time basis, it is significant to think about how comfortable you will feel day to day working in this room. Depending on the amount of concentration you may need to have while in this office, you may want to consider the your color palette to be more sedate, bringing you a more relaxed comfort level in order to focus on the matters at hand. While others may need to have a more lively room choosing more brilliant colors as this help them stay alert. When using an office in a part time fashion, you may find more vibrant colors in larger scale patterns will be successful for your needs.


Is additional seating needed? If this is a room that will need to seat a few people, then a large scaled piece of furniture would be great! If this is a sizeable area, two large scaled chairs with one table in between them may be even better, as this would give your visitors their own space while in your office.


Believe it or not…with just one or two pieces correctly scaled, larger furniture will make the room will feel larger than it really is letting you get to what is most important in your life.


For you to achieve big ideas for small spaces contact professional interior designer Vickie Daeley and her luxury home designs for any of your ‘Interior Affairs’!