Just when you thought you were out, it’s pulling you back in. Yes, brass is back in town.


“In contemporary design, all that glitters is no longer silver. Nor is it nickel, chrome or mirror-polished stainless steel, the similarly cool metal tones that have outsold other finishes on everything from faucets to furniture for decades,” said the Wall Street Journal. “Brass, last in vogue in the ’70s, has been moving in from the margins, showing up on a pendant light here, a table leg there – exuding a certain cocky, outsider glamour. In recent years, it’s started to make silver tones look, all too accurately, commonplace. And now, no metal is shining more compellingly: Brass is conclusively back.”

Are you happy to see brass return or are you on the side of those who are vowing to showcase brushed nickel to their death? Here are a few ways to use it, whether you’re on the fence or ready to run out and collect armfuls of brass-tinged everything.

The Bathroom

“A bathroom is the perfect place to incorporate a new look: because the space is smaller, it requires fewer pieces to make a big impact,” said Down Linens. “Luckily, there are plenty of ways to incorporate brass into your bathroom.

Start with the fixtures: knobs, handles, towel rails and faucets—but don’t stop there. A brass shower frame will tie the look together nicely, and brass accents like mirrors and light coverings will be the icing on the cake. Brass works equally well with clean whites as it does with slate, stone, and other natural materials: play around with it until you find the right look for you.”

The Kitchen

Hardware is the easiest places to start. If you’re worried about adding brass hardware to a kitchen that has stainless steel appliances and a silver-hued faucet, take a cue from The Inspired Home and mix and match.

The Accessories

A picture frame here, an antiqued jug full of flowers here, a brass end table or two, and pretty soon you’ve seamlessly woven brass back into your décor.

The Furniture

You may not want to get your old brass bed out of storage (or maybe you do!). Today’s brass furniture exudes a modern aesthetic with black, wood, and acrylic accents.

The Lighting

Matte and weathered finishes are abundant in today’s brass, but when it comes to lighting, high shine can be high impact. Lighting is one of the easiest updates to make because it is a standalone and doesn’t necessarily have to match other elements in a room, so it’s a good choice for a first foray into using this metal. And, the choices are vast, making it easy to find a style that complements almost any design scheme.

The Appliances

You can’t walk into Home Depot and choose a GE brass range off the floor—but you may be able to soon. What you can get now is a higher-end brand decked out in a brass finish.

“Make a statement with a range hood,” said the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “The French manufacturer La Cornue offers its made-to-order Chateau series of ranges with brushed brass trim or stainless steel.”

Written by: Jaymi Naciri

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