Breakfast Nooks That’ll Change the Way You Use Your Kitchen

Written By: Jaymi Naciri

A breakfast nook is one of the most desirable features for today’s families, serving as the ideal spot for casual meals, homework, art projects, meal planning, and catching up at the end of the day.

“Whether you’re drinking your orange juice and reading on a bleary-eyed weekday or gathering with the whole family for pancakes on Saturday, a breakfast nook is an ideal place to start your day,” said Houzz.

“A mix of built-in booths, banquettes, chairs, tables curved or rectilinear, dimmable light and throw pillows makes for cozy spots where you can get a jump on things. Breakfast nooks also work hard the rest of the day as homework stations and intimate spots for candlelit dinners.”

You can have a perfectly configured spot under a sunny wall of windows or an odd, small corner that takes a little ingenuity to plan, and a breakfast nook can shine in either thanks to a seemingly endless array of options both custom and store bought. One thing is certain—with a breakfast nook, the way you use your kitchen will change, for the better.

Built-in benches and a bookcase create a cozy space.

A row of cabinets in front of a bank of windows turns a pretty, blank space into a pretty, useful one.

“Don’t have a built-in breakfast nook? Try making one yourself by adding a small table to a sunny corner that doesn’t get a lot of use,” said Huffington Post. Here, a round table and corner benches maximize space and utility.

A built-in nook works well even in a space without right angles.

Have the space in the center of your kitchen but not so much a separate space? Incorporate a breakfast nook right into your island.

A banquette with extra storage serves multiple purposes.

A banquette can be as fancy as you want.

Use it as a showcase for your personal style.

Don’t want to spend a lot? You can DIY your banquette using IKEA cabinets or bookcases.

Courtesy of Realty Times