Christmas Tree Decor Ideas for North Tustin

Are you planning to rock around your Christmas tree this happy holiday? If so, you’ve no doubt been thinking about the decorations. While it is true that it matters more who is around the tree than the tree itself, we do want it to be a beautiful magnet to which the family can gather. So we thought we’d pull together a few ideas on decorating your Christmas tree this holiday season.


Christmas Tree Decor Ideas for North Tustin

Shutterstock / Alena Ozerova

Pick a Color and Stick With It

This room looks like a snow fairy came in and dusted it overnight. We love the monochromatic look: it’s very classy and clean. When looking for gift wrapping paper here, go for the white background with some subtle metallic accents and metallic bows to finish off the look. They will look perfectly at home underneath this Christmas tree. You’ll be singing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” in no time!



Shutterstock / Nina Buday

Warmth Well-Lit

We like this tree for different reasons. It certainly is the star of the show in this room, but the interior designers added base lighting to illuminate the tree and give it a little more pizzazz. The warm paint color in the room, the accent lighting, the color of the brick and draperies all give a cozy warmth to the room, so it makes sense that the tree continues the look and feel of the space, and it looks like this was done beautifully. Where’s my hot chocolate?


Christmas Tree Decor Ideas for North Tustin

Shutterstock / Richman21

Bold, Beautiful Statement

Isn’t this tree just outstanding? It is regal, and feels well-placed in this room with high ceilings and majestic fireplace mantle. Our interior designers at Interior Affairs really think this entire room is a huge hit because they had an idea, ran with it, and didn’t deviate from it. So the tree is adorned with oversized gold balls, which make sense with the space in the room. Then the same design is brought over to the wreath above the fireplace, then down to the garland below. The visual effect is that it makes the room seem much bigger, as the tree design emcompasses the entire corner of a large room. We love the red packages underneath as they use the gold ribbon to tie everything up…in a neat little bow.


Christmas Tree Decor Ideas for North Tustin

Shutterstock / Konstanttin

Rustic Whimsy

So now we’ll go from everything matching to more of a whimsical feel. If you have tons of ornaments that have a lot of sentimental value to you, a tree decorated like this may be the way to go. It just makes you want to pull up a chair and grab a throw and sit and stay awhile. It is overloaded with ornamental balls, but it works. The bead garland is criss-crossed across the tree which gives it a more light-hearted feel. The wrapping paper has more of a rustic feel to it which works perfectly with this beautiful tree.


Christmas Tree Decor Ideas for North Tustin

Shutterstock / Just2shutter

The Wow Factor

There may be intense discussions around your home every year about whether to use multi-colored lights or just one color. We think this tree, just absolutely covered in warm white lights is gorgeous. Three things make this work:


  • The designer didn’t skimp on the lights: imagine the ambiance that light will throw in a dark room.
  • They went simple with the decorations: red and gold balls and some gold garland. Simple and elegant.
  • They used the drama of poinsettias as a living Christmas tree skirt.


One note of caution: poinsettias are mildly toxic to dogs and cats. So if you count Fido and Fifi as part of your family, your furry kids are better off with a traditional tree skirt. The cat will really appreciate an intricately bejeweled skirt that she can poke and pick at when she thinks you’re not looking!


We love making your home a place where memories are made. Contact Interior Affairs for a consultation with one of our talented interior designers: we love to bring joy to our clients!


Happy Holidays!

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