Color Psychology – Green

Green creates a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere in your home

The psychological effects of the color green color are similar to those of blue, green is perceived as calm and clear

Green strikes the eye in such a way that it requires no adjustment to your eyes and is therefore soothing 

Being in the center of the spectrum, it is the color of balance a more important concept than people realize 

Green is the most common color found in nature and promotes harmony and balance while being a very versatile color


Things to Consider

  • Color is dynamic design tool that can make the rooms in your home feel more calm, cheerful, comfortable or dramatic; so it is important to think about what energy and emotions you want your home to evoke.
  • As a homeowner you need to ask yourself how you want each room in your home to look aesthetically and feel emotionally and your designer can be sure to achieve this while maintaining the flow from one room to another.
  • Color can make a smaller room feel larger or a spacious one feel more intimate; it is a powerful tool that can completely alter your experience within a space.
  • Deciding on colors for your home can feel like an overwhelming task, but a professional designer can help you create a cohesive color palette that will best serve your home and needs.
  • Green embodies growth and renewal since it is often associated with grassy fields and luscious leaves so it extends a calming effect to any room.
  • Green comes in many shades, so you can create almost any mood and a professional designer will use its versatility to pair it with a range of other colors that makes sense for your needs and wants for the space.
  • The paint colors a designer can help you choose for your home, as well as the color of furniture and accessories, all create a mood. We are here to help you determine what mood you want to set in the rooms in your home and come up with a design plan to best fit all of your dreams for your home.


Now to Review Green:

Positive: Affluent, Balance, Calming, Earth, Environmental Awareness, Equilibrium, Fertility, Freshness, Friendly, Gentle, Good Luck, Growth, Harmony, Health/Healing, Loyal, Money, Nature, Neutral, New Growth, Peace, Reassurance, Refreshment, Rejuvenating, Resourceful, Restful, Restoration, Sociability, Tranquility, Universal Love

Negative: Blandness, Boredom, Enervation, Envy, Guilt, Jealously, Money, Stagnation

Physical: Attention, Concentration, Focus, Harmony, Helps Alleviate Nervousness/Anxiety/Depression, Offers a Sense of Renewal/Self-Control, Relaxes Mentally and Physically, Soothes, Relieves Stress, Promotes Togetherness

Yellow Green/Light Green: Freshness, New Beginnings, Youth

Medium Green: Honesty, Practicality

Deep green: Affluence, Cool, Classic, Refined, Rich, Stability, Traditional

Blue Green: Cooling, Refreshing, Soothing


Tips with Green

  • In your home office you should concentrate on using a green color palette for it inspires concentration
  • For a bathroom that you want a relaxing spa retreat feel use a green-blue color scheme mixed with gray and white and that will give you that soothing feeling within the space.
  • Comfort and relaxation are crucial in the bathroom so your designer can create a blue-green color palette to create a perfect bathroom for your needs and the mood you want to set for the atmosphere.
  • In a powder room where you have an opportunity for a more dramatic space use a rich emerald green color scheme; people often think in a smaller room use neutral light colors but in a smaller space is actually great opportunity for a more dramatic feeling.
  • Green is associated with the quieter side of nature so bringing it into the bedroom relaxes the mind and sets up an environment for the bedroom that is perfect for sleeping and calm.
  • Using rich greens like emerald and forest in rooms where luxury and elegance are key to the ambiance
  • Avoid lime green or yellow-green in bedrooms for they are very energetic colors
  • Darker shades of green represent stability and affluence, so think about which rooms in your home you may want to set this mood.
  • The best way to use green in your home is to combine several colors or green combined with other colors; a designer can be sure to create the perfect color palette of green without creating chaos in the design plan.

  • Green being such a versatile color you can still achieve contrast, drama, richness and balance so be sure to think about where you want to provoke those emotions.
  • If you want to set a mood of open and airy in your home bring in lighter shades of sea green into the space.
  • When blending a green color scheme with wood finishes if can evoke an organic natural feeling
  • Use citrus greens are a more energetic shade of green and can bring brightness to a gloomy space.
  • There is such a wide spectrum of shades of green from Blue-green to Chartreuse, so choosing the right greens to bring into your home is important


Facts about Green

  • The human eye is most sensitive to green and able to discern the most shades of this color.
  • Views of green foliage and green landscapes have been shown to reduce symptoms of ADD in children.
  • Workers in green environments have fewer stomach aches.
  • Green is second to blue as favorite color
  • Green is the pervasive color in the natural world making it an ideal backdrop in interior design because we are so used to seeing it in all aspects of our daily life.
  • When the world around us contains plenty of green, this indicates the presence of water, and little danger of famine, so we are reassured by green on a primitive level. Negatively is can indicate stagnation and incorrectly used will be perceived as being too bland.
  • Green has such a rejuvenating and restorative feeling that it makes people immediately feel safe and secure.


Green can bring a variety of moods into a space, as a homeowner you just need to decide what atmosphere you want to create.  Interior Affairs can design the most appropriate combination, proportion, and placement of colors for your home.

Vickie Daeley and her team are here to assist you define those moods whether energetic, harmonious, serene, luxurious, or what you want to feel in your home!