Color Psychology– Orange

dsaOne may think it is easy to choose colors for their home; they choose what they love and of course it would look great!  That isn’t always the case, knowing where to place colors and what color combinations to use for your design style and the style of your home is where a professional designer can help you.  The team at Interior Affairs can put together a color palette and assist in color combinations and there psychological effects that will get the dream interiors that you are trying to achieve.

Color has the ability to change your mood, set an ambiance and atmosphere, create an optical illusion, and can make a space seem smaller or bigger.  The amazing quality of color is that it can invigorate us, cheer us up, make us feel at peace and secure, increase your ability to concentrate, and Orange County’s leading Professional Interior Designer, Vickie Daeley can take all of these things into account for you and your home interiors.

Things to Consider

  • The amazing quality of the color orange is that it is the combination of red and yellow and gives off the excitement of red as well as the welcoming and friendly aspect of yellow
  • Orange also has the ability to draw your eye so be sure you use it in the appropriate locations and the not flood your space with orange everywhere
  • Orange is generally experienced as the warmest color
  • Orange has the tendency to illustrate movement and energy without being too intense
  • To encourage feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth bring orange into your home
  • The pastel and earthy shades of orange have a gentle effect while the pure orange can be overpowering when used too much


Now to Review Orange

Positive:  Abundance, Adventure, Agreeable, Confidence, Courage, Eager, Engaging, Energetic, Enthusiasm, Food, Friendliness, Fun, Happy, Independent, Informal, Optimistic and Extroverted,   Passion, Physical Comfort, Pleasant, Prosperity, Security, Sensuous, Social, Sophisticated, Stimulating Success, Vibrant, Vitality, Warmth, Wealth

Negative: Abrasive, Deprivation, Frivolity, Frustration, Ignorance, Immaturity, Indulgent, Over-bearing, Pessimistic, Sluggishness, Warns of Caution

Physical: Emotionally Stimulating, Encourages Movement, Encourages Socialization, Heals the Lungs, Helps all Digestive Ailments/Chest/Kidney Diseases, Increases Immunity, Provides Energy and vigor, Stimulates Activity, Stimulates Appetite

Bright Orange: Happy, Intensity, Playful, Self-Control, Vitality

Peach/Apricot: Appetizing, Encourages Great Communication and Conversation, Gentle, Inspires Good Manners, Inviting, Luscious, Puts People at Ease, Soothing, Sweet

Amber:  Better Self-Esteem Inspires Greater Confidence, Promotes a Level of Arrogance

Burnt Orange: Aggressive Self-Assertion, Pride, Tension

Dark Orange: Ambition, Ethnic, Over- Confidence, Over-Ambition, Welcoming, Wholesome


Tips with Orange

  • Orange has the ability to boost focus and productivity and can be an energetic color so great in your home office
  • Use subtle pops of orange in your living room or dining room, it brings happiness into the space
  • Orange is a fun color that radiates warmth, energy, and gives off a friendly and inviting impression to those entering your home
  • Orange is known to increase appetites and can be used as a great accent in kitchen nooks and dining rooms
  • To create a welcoming entry that invites guests into your home use a warm apricot shade of orange
  • When you would like your space to be exciting and energetic try combining bright orange, pink, and yellows
  • A way to use orange when you would like to have a more calm serene space would be to pair apricot shades of orange with deep browns
  • To make a boys bedroom feel athletic and energetic use orange with a denim blue
  • Orange is often associated with improved lung function and increased energy so should be used in rooms where someone sick is staying
  • Bright orange has a dynamic energy to it so is perfect for your outdoor entertainment space and poolside
  • Mixing brown and earthy oranges like terracotta are great for a Mediterranean style home
  • In a southwestern-style home your earthy oranges are a favorable color choice



Facts about Orange

  • Orange tends to elicit a strong ‘love’ or ‘hate’ response from people
  • Orange is often used to draw attention; notice traffic signs, advertising, police vests
  • Orange has a spiritual connection
  • Named after a fruit orange is the only color of the spectrum that name was taken from an object
  • Orange is symbolic of autumn
  • Orange has the ability to help people move on; forward and onward thinking
  • To restore our balance and physical energies use orange

Consider You’re Color Schemes When Selecting Color

We all perceive colors differently, and the effects of color are not the same for every person.  Generally speaking they can be but you want to be sure to have a color palette and design plan in your home that best fits your needs and goals for the home.     A professional designer can ensure you, your family, and everyone entering your home finds an inviting atmosphere where they feel comfortable.


Your job is to think about how you want to look and feel in your home, Vickie Daeley owner of Orange County’s Leading Interior Design firm is here to help you find the colors you respond to and make you feel good.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How will you use this room?
  • At which times in the day do you use this room?
  • How do you want to feel when you are in this room?
  • What mood/emotion would you want to feel in this room?

Hiring our Professional Interior Designers can help guide you through a color palette and design plan for you home that provoke all of the feelings you want for that specific atmosphere!


Quick Color Lesson

  • Hue: Pure Color
  • Tint: Mixture with Light Neutrals
  • Shade: Mixture with Darker Neutrals
  • Bright colors can create a feeling of more space
  • Darker colors can make a room feel smaller if not used appropriately
  • Orange and Blue is a complementary color scheme and is quite dynamic
  • Orange, Green, and Purple is a triad color scheme and is seen as vibrant these colors need to be carefully balanced or else one can dominate the others