Color Psychology – Purple

Color Psychology– Purple


Color is a compelling tool that can make the rooms in your home feel and emotion that you want to create; such as calming, cheerful, serene or dramatic.  With the team at Interior Affairs we can put together a design plan and use color to make the rooms in your home more beautiful than you could have ever imagined.


Purple is the shortest wavelength and takes awareness to a higher level of thought often associated with spiritual values.  Purple has the ability to encourage deep contemplation and meditation.  It has associations with royalty and usually communicates the finest possible quality.  Purple can be used in your interiors as a mood-lifting design tool that evokes comfort, drama, or calm.

Things to Consider

  • Purple is the combination of sooth blue and lively red and is a color of royalty and creativity. Purple can add a wide range of emotions and atmospheres to the rooms in your home
  • There is a regal quality to purple that can bring richness to any space and dramatic flair to a simple room. Purple can give this dramatic or quiet mood all depending on the tone or shade
  • With a designers help to strategically place purple accents or focal points with purple you can create a whole new setting in your home, with purples ranging from light lavenders to rich plums



Now to Review Purple:

Positive: Abundance, Ambition, Artistic, Authenticity, Containment, Creative, Dignity, Enlightened, Imagination, Luxury, Magnificence, Magic, Mystery, Nobility, Quality, Rare, Regal, Royalty, Spiritual Awareness, Success, Surprise, Truth, Uplifts, Vision, Wisdom

Negative: Decadence, Inferiority, Introversion, Moodiness, Suppression

Physical: Calms the nerves which allows relaxation, Helps Insomnia

Lavenders: Delicate, Nostalgic, Soft

Orchid: Exotic, Tropical

Bright Purple: Exciting Flamboyant, Sensual

Deep Purple: Artistic, Expensive, Powerful, Regal, Spiritual

Red/Blue Violet: Cozy, Romantic, Subtle


Tips with Purple


  • Purple embodies the passion of red with the calming qualities of blue so is often chosen in a master bedroom
  • To bring depth and interest into a room in your home consider using different shades of purple instead of one color
  • Ina neutral color scheme use purple accessories and artwork to lighten up and add depth
  • Darker shades of purple are the most royal color, purple is luxurious, rich, and signifies wealth and romanticism


  • Use deep purple to create a stunning striking front entry or powder room, smaller spaces are a great opportunity for a dramatic atmosphere
  • If you want something more lavish and elegant, use eggplant purple for the walls paired with a white trim for contrast to make that purple pop
  • A dark, opulent purple can provide a gracious backdrop to show off your precious accessories
  • Darker purples or mauves are known to awake feelings of wisdom and royalty
  • Softer shades of purple such as lavender are often associated with spring and romance and seen as a feminine color
  • Light lavender walls can add softness to a formal living room or dining room
  • When pairing lavender with aqua or chartreuse to can enhance a feeling of happiness within your spaces
  • Warm purples can make a room feel cozy and peaceful so consider which rooms you may want to evoke those emotion
  • Make a room more stimulating by combining mid-tone purple with mustard yellows
  • Red violet shades attract more attention and overbear the room if not used correctly
  • If you want to achieve a richness into a room in your home combine a deep purplish red with black
  • Purples combined with mineral blues or greens create a very restful color scheme



Facts about Purple

  • Purple can definitely make a statement whether you are wearing it or it is in a room in your home. For example, wearing purple shows others you want to be noticed.
  • Creative and eccentric people typically like the color purple because it comes with a visionary quality surrounding it
  • Shades of purple especially the lighter tones is the favored color among adolescent girls

Consider You’re Color Schemes When Selecting Color









Deciding on colors for your home can feel like an overwhelming burden, but the team here at Interior Affairs can create a harmonious color palette that will create an atmosphere which will evoke all the feelings you are trying to achieve.  For example if you want to achieve a regal quality to your home you can bring in rich deep purples into the space which would lend a layer of mystery to the design.

Color psychology is beneficial to consider because using color in specific areas can bring a certain emotion or mood into your home and you want to think about how you want to feel in each room of your home.  This does not guarantee that every person who comes to your home will see and feel exactly as you may feel, we all perceive colors differently.  One certain color can awaken some memories or feelings for one person that can be completely different for another person.

Your job is to think about how you want to look and feel in your home, Vickie Daeley owner of Orange County’s Leading Interior Design firm is here to help you find the colors you respond to and make you feel good.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How will you use this room?
  • At which times in the day do you use this room?
  • How do you want to feel when you are in this room?
  • What mood/emotion would you want to feel in this room?

Hiring our Professional Interior Designers can help guide you through a color palette and design plan for you home that provoke all of the feelings you want for that specific atmosphere!