Components Of Your Professional Design Plan

When you contract the services of a professional Orange County interior designer, they will present you with a comprehensive design plan that encompasses many important details. The components of your design plan might differ slightly depending on the designer and the cost your design package, but typically you probably will see the following items.

A computer-generated design plan, or CAD space plan, is often included in your design package. This is generated using a special computer program, and it includes all of the design elements using the exact measurements of your room, the furnishings and accessories that will be used. This offers you an excellent visual image of what the finished product will resemble.

Your design presentation also will include items such as swatches of fabric and examples of paint colors. These will be used to brighten walls, cover furniture and create custom window treatments. If you requested wallpaper or specialty painting techniques, examples of these also will be presented. If you are changing flooring, cabinetry and countertops, examples of these materials typically are included, as well.

The style of furnishings and the placement of furnishings in the room will be presented and discussed. Even the lighting and suggestions for accessories will be discussed. Depending on the designer, in addition to the CAD plan, detailed drawing and even blueprints might be included, if the scope of the project includes major construction changes.

Your design plan also might include a helpful, comprehensive shopping list which details where all of the items featured in the design can be purchased. You can do the shopping yourself or hire the design team to take on the purchase of everything from furnishings to paint to flooring. Designers typically find the best prices on all of these items simply because they have many great contacts in the industry and know the best places to shop.

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