Designer Tips – Game Rooms

Adding a game room to your home is a great way to make your house more fun for guests. If you entertain a lot it is a great idea to have activities for your guests to enjoy. When many people think of having some sort of game room in a home, they often think of a pool table. This is a great option but not everyone has the space for such a large item that will take up an entire room and not really be able to have any secondary function. If you like the idea of having a game room but don’t have to space for a pool table, don’t worry there are still plenty of options for adding a fun space into your home! We also have tips for revamping an existing game room to make it a more fun space. A game room’s basic function is to have fun so that gives you a pass to try unique, fun ideas with your décor that you wouldn’t necessarily try in another area of your home. Let’s get started!

  1. Think Beyond the Pool Table

There are endless options when it comes to what to put in a game room. While a common item is a pool table, think outside the box! If you like video games, maybe vintage arcade games like Pac-Man. You could even just set up a Playstation or Xbox and have a large collection of games for a group of guests to play. There are other larger scale “table games” you can choose as well such as ping pong, shuffleboard, or foosball. You can add a dartboard to your room. Pinball is another great large scale game you might want to consider. The possibilities are endless!


  1. Add Unexpected Elements

If you are looking for a unique game with a large wall to fill, try a life-sized wall mounted board game! This is a great way to make a board game more interactive and it adds a fun unexpected element to a game room. The scrabble board below can be purchased from Restoration Hardware or you can paint your own directly on a metal panel and hang it on your wall with magnetic game pieces!

Scrabble board

  1. Make a Vegas Themed Room

Las Vegas is the ultimate gaming destination for cards games, slot machines, and gambling. If that is your idea of “gaming,” create your own mini Vegas in your home! A poker table or other gambling tables like blackjack or roulette make for a unique game room that your friends are sure to enjoy! You can go over the top with the décor and put up oversized photos of the Las Vegas Strip, make a collage of an old set of playing cards or make oversized poker chips out of wood to hang on the wall. In the poker room below, we used oversized prints of playing cards for unique wall décor. Your guests will be sure to enjoy a staycation in your home!


  1. You Don’t Need a Whole Room

If you are tight on space but still want to add a game room of sorts to your home don’t worry! You don’t need to commit a whole room to the sole purpose of being a game room. There are many tables that look like a normal table but can be converted into poker tables, chess and checkers boards, or even just give you storage for cards or other gaming items. You can also make your dining table into a gathering spot for board games by keeping a credenza in the room stocked with board games along with your other dining room items.


  1. Make the space inviting

This may seem like a no brainer, but you want to make sure your guests are comfortable while they are enjoying your game room. Most of the time, not all guests will be able to participate in a game at the same time so there will be down time for your guests when they will want to sit down and observe others. Make sure you have comfortable seating with soft but durable fabrics that will hold up well over time against crowds and spills. You can keep large floor pillows around to be brought out for extra seating on the floor when you have a larger number of guests. In the room below, we created a unique seating solution for a pool table room. We removed an underutilized entertainment center and used the empty niche to create a raised platform with a banquette seat and table to allow guests to have additional places to sit and watch a game.

Designer Tips Game Rooms

  1. Think Outside the Box for Décor

As stated before, a game room can be a good opportunity to do something fun in the way of décor. You can be a bit brighter and bolder than you would in other spaces in your home because of the nature of the room. You can also go with the theme of the game room and pull décor ideas from that. For example, if your main focus is board games, you can buy old board games from garage sales and glue pieces to the board to create a vignette and use it as an art piece on the wall.

The possibilities for a game room in your home are endless. Just make sure to choose games that you and your family and friends will truly enjoy playing. Have fun with designing the space and most of all, make sure to enjoy the space when it is finished!