Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Welcoming for Holiday Guests

You might not have days to get your home looking like new for your holiday guests. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have guests over to celebrate. By making some simple fix-ups, your home will be welcoming without major changes.
Enter As Your Guests Would
Walk outside your home by the front door all the way to the sidewalk or the street, turn around, and look back at your house. What would you see first? Scraggly plants, brown grass, snow-covered sidewalk, house light bulb burned out? Not very welcoming! If you need to, sweep the sidewalk, shovel the show, use a broom to clear off spider webs or major dust, and clean off the front porch. Replace burned light bulbs. Clean off the “Welcome” door mat so that your guests really feel welcome.
Freshen Up the Planters
Get rid of the droopy fall mums and replace with fresh poinsettias or sprays of holiday greenery. For color, add big red bows if you have time.
Open the Door
What is the first thing you see? Jackets and mittens strewn around the entry? Get a big trash or shopping bag and collect all the family things that you use every day. Stash the things away until your guests leave.
Make Room for Guests’ Coats
If there’s room, push your coats and jackets to one side of your coat closet to make room for what your guests will be wearing. If your closet is too small, move some of your own coats into bedroom closets temporarily. Clear room on the closet floor if you’ll be collecting boots or overshoes. Or use a big bucket for umbrellas.
Find Chairs for Everyone
You may be having more guests than you have chairs around your living room. Forget the perfect furniture arrangement and collect what chairs you’ll need and arrange them around the room. Everyone will be able to talk to each other and no one will be left out or feel uncomfortable. You might have to move some of them to the table when it’s time to eat. No problem. Enlist everyone’s help.
Forget the Total Cleaning
Don’t try to have your home spic-and-span. A quick wipe will be fine and no one will know the difference once they’re all there visiting. Use a towel to wipe down the bathroom sink and countertop, flush the toilet, fill the toilet paper, fluff the pillows, sweep the kitchen floor, and enjoy the day. You can clean tomorrow.
Turn Down the Heat
Once you get the oven going, candles burning, fireplace lit, and room filled with guests and happy conversation, you’ll be amazed how warm your home will feel. Save energy by turning down the thermostat! Who knew?
Set the Mood
Even if you don’t have time to put Christmas decorations around the house, you can really set the mood for a holiday party with candles everywhere. Keep them safely out of traffic, but light the coffee table, side tables, dining table, with pillars, votives, and pillar candles. Don’t forget the powder room. Wherever you can’t use candles, create atmosphere by simply dimming the lights.

If you use some of these tips, you’ll be ready in minutes to welcome holiday guests and not spend hours getting ready. Enjoy!

courtesy of: interiordec.about.com