Family-Friendly Orange County Interior Design

Just because you have children, teens, pets or a combination of all of these doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a beautiful, professionally decorated home. Your Orange County interior designer can create a space that not only pleases your sensibilities but also accommodates the needs of a bustling family.

Children of any age, as well as pets, are tough on homes. Your designer will select flooring and furnishings that can stand up to the heavy use of a family. Heartier fabrics are ideal for covering sofas and chairs. Many stain-resistant fabrics also can be chosen to make clean-up easier.

Flooring is another important consideration for families. When you have small children, it is often wise to select carpet or wood flooring as these are softer if your toddler falls down. Stain-resistant carpeting is an excellent option for those with children and pets. Of course, spills and animal messes are easier to clean up if you select tile or wood flooring. Your designer will come up with a solution that suits your design as well as your lifestyle.

Family life can be challenging because parents and kids often have such busy schedules that it’s tough to find time to clean up a home. A good designer can create a variety of storage solutions that make clean up much easier. Well-designed custom closets and rooms with clever storage solutions can make it easy to keep paperwork, clothing, toys and video games organized. Your designer can even help redesign your garage to keep all of your items organized and easy to find, including bikes, sports equipment and camping gear.

In general, the less clutter you have, the easier it is to keep your home clean, but it’s always nice to have accessories that add that personal touch to a room. When you have children, however, there is the added worry that items might get broken accidentally. Your designer will be able to add items such as specialty lighting, artwork and other custom touches that children won’t be able to break or damage. This will give your home that professional, finished look without having breakable items within the reach of small hands or rambunctious pets.

Your designer also will create a custom design that will grow with your family, making it easier for you to transition from a life with infants and toddlers into life with tweens and teens. A good designer knows how to create rooms that suit your tastes without being too trendy, utilizing classic design elements that will last for many years to come.

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