A Designer’s Guide to Your Bathroom Remodel

A Designer’s Guide to Your Bathroom RemodelWhen the time comes to do a bathroom remodel there are definitely more things to consider than most people think.  Making a bathroom useful in the ways you need it, beautiful in the ways you want it, and doing it all on a budget that makes sense, can be difficult.  At Interior Affairs we do a large number of bathroom designs and remodels, with various styles and budgets and it is no small undertaking to do on your own. Using our years of experience and knowledge in the industry we have created a guide to help with the questions and potential roadblocks that may stand in the way of your end goal….a new bathroom.

  1. Budget

This is one of the most important places to start.  It is best to know from the very beginning if your budget and your dreams complement each other.  Consulting with an interior designer can be a wise investment.  Having a seasoned professional can make your budget stretch farther by knowing the best ways to spend your money without making potentially expensive mistakes.

  1. Timeframe

Remodeling can be an exciting idea but it does need to be thought out completely before you start taking apart your space.  When ordering items for your bathroom each    manufacturer has a lead time for the items you purchase.  It can range from a few days to weeks on end for in stock or custom items.  It is best to know all of these things before you have a demolished bathroom you cannot use.  Also, if using a contractor, know his schedule, how long he anticipates your job taking and how many other jobs they may have going at the same time.  It is best to have your materials ordered and a delivery date scheduled before anything is removed for the fastest down time.

  1. Function

Along with your budget, this is one of the most important things to think about.  Knowing how you are going to use the space will determine how happy you will be with your end result.  Do you need better lighting? Do you need more storage?  Are there any physical needs that will need to be addressed? The function of your bathroom should work hand and hand with your design.

  1. Design Style

Determining the design style you want for your new space will also be a factor in your budget, function and sometimes even your time frame.  Whether you are looking to update your look with something more modern or you want a completely custom Tuscan design, the finishes and fixtures are an important aspect of your plan.  It is always a good idea to look through magazines or online resources to see what kinds of things you like.  Gathering these ideas in pictures can help to communicate these ideas to those you are working with as well as to inspire creativity in the design of your own space.

Working with a professional is the best way to manage all of the items on this list.  They have knowledge of the industry to help with selections and can guide you through the best way to achieve a beautifully remodeled space that works for your life, design style, budget and time.  They take into account things that you may not even realize are possible to put into your design and above all, make it function like a completely custom space.  Asking questions and getting to know you are crucial for a designer to be able to do their job to the best of their ability.  As part of this guide, Interior Affairs also puts a focus on how the answers to those questions create a unique and customized space you will be happy to use every day.

  1. How will this space be used and who will be using it?

This goes back to what was suggested above in thinking about the function of your space.  The answer to this question will make your bathroom remodel successful.  Do you like to relax in the bath?  Do you want to have a designated space to do hair or makeup?  Do you need to sit down while doing this?  Does this bathroom need to function and have considerations for children or someone’s physical condition?

Cabinetry is essential in a bathroom and can also be customized to do a lot more than people realize.  Here are some suggestions for cabinetry options that will completely change your daily experience in your bathroom:

  • Power sockets inside drawer pullouts for hairdryers, electric razors etc.
  • Pull outs for bottles and products
  • Sliding hide away step for the kids
  • Drawer organizers for makeup, jewelry, toiletries etc.

Tile selection and placement is also essential to its function and can be customized    according to the needs of the people using it or just to create visual beauty and interest.

  • Making sure you use the right kind of tile or stone on the floor of the bathroom and in a shower is important for safety.
  • Incorporating things that may be necessary such as grab bars and seats etc. with the design of the tile in the shower is also important.


  1. What other uses might this bathroom have?

Does this bathroom also have another function?  Some bathrooms may have a laundry room included, or maybe it needs to function as a place for extra storage.  Every situation is different and thinking about it ahead of time will ensure the success of your remodel.

  1. What type of lighting or electrical do you need in the bathroom?

Do you need overall lighting to warm up a dark bathroom?  Do you want natural lighting as well as task lighting?  Lighting can be incorporated in many unique ways, here are a few ideas:

  • Cabinetry lighting under the toe kick as a nightlight or accent lighting
  • Additional recessed lighting
  • Adding a window if possible
  • Hanging fixtures over tubs or vanities
  • Additional outlets in cabinets or maybe turned sideways between the backsplash and mirror
  1. How do you want the space to make you feel?

How you feel in your bathroom or any room in your home is important.  Many think that the bathroom doesn’t matter as much because it is a place you visit for short periods of time but in actuality, it is one of the most important rooms in a house.  Not only can it affect the way you and your visitors view your entire home, but if you are planning on selling it can influence the potential resale value as well.  While you need to be sure you are being financially responsible don’t skimp on things to save you money only to pay for it later in regret. Be flexible enough to see that how you feel in the space is important.

Remodeling a bathroom can come with many challenges and be a stressful endeavor.  It doesn’t have to be.  Working with a firm like Interior Affairs, turns a potentially daunting task into an enjoyable experience.  With a team of designers and tradesman who have worked together and in the industry for many years it takes the guesswork out of the process.  They will guide you through the design process showing you many different options and ideas to achieve the look you want without the hassle and headache.