Heart of the Home

Heart of the Home

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The Heart of the Home is typically a place where family and friends gather the most, and where there are groups of people food is usually served.  Having a functional and comfortable kitchen is important when it is the central location for get togethers and parties.   

 Fabulous kitchens often times evolve from one thing the client feels needs to be replaced. As this happens each decision starts to affect other things in the space.  New appliances… New cabinets… New countertops and backsplash? What color, what style…what is the latest trend…? With so many choices and so many elements to consider, how does one make cohesive decisions that will make this special place the “heart of the home”? Below are some things to consider that may help to determine your design style.


Define your style by selecting below:

Do you like:

Monochromatic tones and textures                          Columns

Warm colors                                                                   Cool colors

Stainless steel appliances                                            White or color appliances

Mixing wood tones                                                        Painted wood

All one wood color                                                         Mixing paint with stained woods

Streamline Cabinets                                                      Furniture-like cabinets  

Straight lines                                                                  Glass door with lighting

Curved lines                                                                    Carved accents                 

Ceramic Subway Tile                                                   Natural Stone

Dark wood tones                                                           Glass tile

Granite countertops                                                     Other countertop material      


Do you find yourself choosing carved accents, warm colors, mixed wood tones and furniture-like cabinets?  These elements tend to lean toward a more traditional design.  Depending on the way you blend these items your style could be classic traditional, Tuscan, French, or even Spanish.  All classic designs, these styles stand the test of time and are a favorite for many homeowners! 

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If you find yourself choosing more streamlined, dark wood tones, stainless steel, and glass tile, these elements tend to lean to the transitional side of design.  Your style could be modern, contemporary or transitional which pair more modern pieces with some traditional items.  Popular with today’s trends, these designs are cutting-edge and gaining popularity and exposure with social media outlets such as pinterest and houzz, not to mention,  TV design shows.  Keep in mind, the more detailed your answers are, the better you will be able to determine your style.

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There are other things besides style to keep in mind for a kitchen remodel.  With so many things that go into this special room it is important to also keep the following things in mind before you begin:


  • Budget: This can determine your style and also what features you can afford in appliances and other permanent fixtures.
  • Timeframe: You need to give yourself and your contractor plenty of time. Rushing a job like this can cause costly mistakes.  You also need to consider the time it takes when ordering cabinetry and appliances.  You don’t want to demolish your kitchen before you have a delivery date on your cabinets.
  • Overall project: If you don’t have an idea about the finished look you are striving for and you are purchasing things one area at a time, this can cause unnecessary headaches.  Having a finished plan to go from before the project starts keeps the client, and the contractors on the same page.



There are no right or wrong answers in choosing your style. Every kitchen, large or small, can have all the right elements to create interest and warmth.  What makes this space in your home special to you, is sharing the joys of preparing food for your family and designing it will all of the elements in mind to fit your specific needs.  The benefit of hiring an interior designer is having all of the options available shown to you without all of the hassle and headache to search for things you like on your own.  A professional designer, like Vickie Daeley and her design team, will gather information about your needs and wants and tailor your design to best fit you and your budget.  Attention to detail is also a benefit to hiring a designer.  They have been through the process and are seasoned in a kitchen remodel, which can be a long drawn out process if not done in the correct manner.   Creating the “heart of your home” doesn’t have to be a daunting task, getting guidance from the very start can make for a truly wonderful experience.