Here are 5 Tips to Refresh Your Home for Spring

There’s no better time to do some spring cleaning and refresh your home than during the spring. The season is one of new beginnings and provides a great opportunity for you to transition away from the dreary winter and enjoy the bright and airy springtime weather and atmosphere.

Best of all, refreshing your home gives you a chance to show off your creativity and ingenuity with your decorating and design choices. The sunny springtime weather flowing into your home can accent your home’s decorations and create an appealing atmosphere.

Here are five tips to keep in mind in order to refresh your home for the spring. Follow this advice to make your refresh easier to tackle and more worthwhile in the end.

Change Your Wallpaper and Paint: One of the easiest ways to totally refresh your house in the spring is to simply change the wallpaper or paint  in a different color.

Many houses have an outdated scheme that can look bad and even hurt your efforts if you are interested in selling down the road. Wallpaper that has some patterns is a good strategy for a refresh, while painting in some bright and bold colors can really change the vibe of a home. You can purchase standard paints and removable wallpaper to save some money during the process.

Go Green: One of the hottest design trends in recent years is eco-friendly furniture and décor. There’s no better time than spring to start incorporating some of these trends into your own home. Plus, it will give your house a new breath of life and help save the planet. Going green could mean the use of non-toxic colorful paints for the walls, restoring old furniture, or going to eco-friendly stores to purchase some new accessories and decorations for your house.

Buy Vintage: Another hot design trend is vintage. Going vintage is a bold design statement that will change and refresh any home. Cabinets, tables, lights, and shelves can be sourced from vintage furniture and design shops. Vintage items give your home a romantic and cozy feel and can add a unique twist into any space.

Start Getting Creative: A bit of home innovation with your decorations and designs can make the springtime a cool opportunity to let your creativity shine. This could include making simple artworks to hang on your walls, or turning recycled materials into different ornaments for your tables and desks. If you’re feeling pretty bold, turn some old containers into homes for plants and then place them around your house. Being creative with your design choices can be a great way to refresh your home without spending a lot of money.

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Spice Up Your Furniture: Giving some of your furniture a facelift is a savvy way to refresh your home in the spring. This could include repainting some of your picture frames and window sills, repairing chairs, or even painting some of your tables and countertops.

Springtime is a fantastic opportunity for you to spice up your home and give it a refresh for the new year. Many people think this process has to be expensive and time-consuming, but a simple refresh can actually be done

very cheaply.

Redecorating your home for spring can be a great way to start off on the right foot for the year and create an inviting atmosphere for friends and family.

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