How to Incorporate Bold Colors in Any Room

Many of the newer home decor trends advocate for people to start placing bright and bold colors in each room. Colors like yellow and magenta have become popular choices for those who are looking to add a dynamic and energetic vibe to their decor. Bright colors that are more muted can be used to simply add a dash of diversity to your decorating scheme even if you don’t want them to change the energy of a space.

However, bold colors can come with some risks. There’s always a possibility they might not really fit with the rest of the room’s décor, or that they could become unpopular in a few years or be something you might not like down the road.

Even if it seems a bit daunting to introduce bold colors, there’s a definite strategy that you can follow to incorporate them into any room and still make the overall scheme look good. One important part of using bold colors is to simply find a specific color palette and stick with it through all parts of the home. Choosing a specific scheme just for one area or wall is going to look very out of place. If you establish a basic color scheme and then carry the idea, it makes it much easier to mesh in brighter colors.

Another good tip when it comes to integrating bold colors is to utilize them in spots where they are interchangeable. This means buying colorful window treatments and pillows, since these are items that can be quickly moved and swapped down the road.

When it comes to the kitchen, find a specific color scheme and then bring the boldness into different features. This can give a kitchen an experimental vibe and play in well if you have a more open kitchen concept, since this gives you a bit more leeway in being creative with your color opportunities.

The bathroom is another good spot to incorporate bold colors. Accessories can easily be integrated into a decoration scheme, and the bathroom is a good area for those who want to experiment with brighter and bolder colors before introducing them to other areas of the house. Bold colors can come out in the bathroom through paints, tiles, or hand towels.

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Even though most people see bedrooms as more relaxed and quiet spots, bold colors can still fit in well with some of the décor. Colors like pink or peach can be integrated into bedspreads or curtains in a way that does not make them overly distracting when you are trying to rest or relax. For those with kids, you have an even better opportunity to experiment with bold colors and various paint schemes for accents.

In the living room, bold colors can come out through paintings or other artwork that is offset against a plain or neutral wall. Don’t be afraid to add in a few pillows or a larger rug to have some pops of bright colors in your living room.

Overall, don’t fear bold colors. Embrace them. You have a variety of opportunities in your home to incorporate bold pallets and other bright colors into objects you use and admire. Sit down to figure out a cohesive color scheme and then get creative about how each room in your home can reflect your decision. Bright colors can quickly change the dynamic of a room and breathe new life into your decorations.

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