How to Make Over Your Fireplace for Fall

Fall means many people finally have a chance to start enjoying their fireplaces for the season. Most fireplaces become the focal point of any room because they are such a large feature.

However, they can quickly become out of date and look weird in a room, especially if you have not used it in a while. There are many ways to makeover your fireplace while ensuring it is still safe to use and enjoy.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to makeover your fireplace is to just buy some accessories or paint over the brick surrounding it. Adding some décor to the mantle or installing a decorative screen can completely change the dynamic of a fireplace and make it seem more modern and up to date.

Painting the area around a fireplace is one of the easiest ways to completely give it a makeover. Just be sure to plan everything out carefully because it can be very hard to remove paint from brick. For those looking for a simpler method, merely purchase some candles or other small decorations for your mantle.

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Candles are popular because they can be chosen to reflect the décor of a room. Others choose to place mirrors above a mantel to catch the light from a fire and spread it across a room.

Fireplace screens can also be carefully chosen to be functional and stylish. They are good tools to have in order to keep sparks and embers inside of a fireplace. Gold and bronze ones are particularly popular choices right now. Keep in mind the décor around your fireplace should also be adapted in order to make everything seamlessly work together.

You don’t want it to stand out since the fireplace will be the focal point of a room. These types of decorations do not have to be anything fancy, they just have to work with the fireplace and the immediate space around it. However, if you’ve done a good job with the fireplace, the surrounding room might not be as necessary.

The final, and most intensive way to spice up your style is to give it a total remodel. This is good for older and unused ones since they might not be as safe anymore. A remodel gives you the opportunity to completely craft a new design and make sure you have a functional fireplace that can be used and enjoyed.

Working with a good contractor can make the remodeling experience a pleasant one and allow you to integrate your own design choices and desires. It can be a good investment if you want a good look or are aiming to boost the selling price of your home down the road.

However, keep in mind a total remodel is going to be an expensive repair if you want to do it right. Keep price in mind as you think about what to do. Overall, don’t be afraid to take the time and spend the money to make your fireplace more stylish for the fall. Oftentimes, changing up their look can be done through simple decorations of the addition of a nice mirror.

Having a trendy fireplace makes your entire house, and the room it is in, look better. Plus, a nice fireplace will be more enjoyable for you to use throughout the fall and winter seasons and gives you a great part of the house to show off to guests and friends.

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