How to Use Statement Lighting in Your Home Design

Everyone knows how important lighting is to home design. Lights that are dim or overly harsh make you feel poorly energized and gloomy, while light with the right hues and brightness can really set a good mood for a room and keep you relaxed and comfortable.

Here are a few tips about using statement lighting as part of your home design that will make your lights functional and stylish.

One of the first things to do is to layer different lights together. Ambient lighting, or the background lights in a room, can be paired with a smaller lamp on a desk, and one spotlighted on a piece of art (accent lighting), to give a room a lot of versatility and flexibility.

The ability to layer these different light types helps to make it easy to switch up the mood of a room with just a few switches. Feature lighting fixtures can be used for practical purposes to actually make a room brighter so you can see, or they can be used in a manner that accents something else. These types of style tips will come in handy for those who are interested in a more unique and dynamic room design.

When it comes to statement lighting, keep the original purpose of the room in mind. In more social areas of the home, lights that are suspended over a table or kitchen can help draw people close and make it easy to see.

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If you have a more unusual light, place it in the corner next to a sofa to make it an accent piece or something that can be functional in the specific part of the room. A bunch of smaller lights in a large room will disappear, so keep the design together by clustering them on a table or bench so they are not drowned out.

Lights can also be a good statement piece in smaller areas like hallways and entrances. They key, again, is to keep the overall functionality of the space in mind. In entrance areas, place fixtures that give off a more welcoming hue so friends and family can feel good when they come over to visit.

For bedrooms, statement lighting can still be a feature of the room. The more intimate nature of them makes it easy for you to mix and match different lighting in the space to give off a specific vibe. Plus, placing a beautiful light fixture in the bedroom means you will be able to enjoy and admire it even more.

If you have a statement light fixture, don’t be afraid to arrange your other furniture and decoration to draw attention to it. A more industrial looking light will really pop if the surrounding elements are clean and simple. A light that has a modern and sleek look will look more interesting in an area that is rougher or more industrial in nature.

Mixing and matching different features and the designs in different rooms can bring attention to your statement light pieces and keep them at the center of your focus, which means they will be used more as a result.

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