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The name “Vaquero” will always be tied to Newport Beach. In 1870, Captain Samuel S. Dunnells steered his 105-ton river steamer named Vaquero through the upper Newport Bay. This was no easy feat, as most sailors thought the channel was too treacherous to navigate.

He was met by the McFadden brothers and James Irvine, principal landowners in the area, and they wanted to mark this historic inaugural voyage. They discussed this “New Port,” and the name stuck, according to the Newport Beach Historical Society.

A Century Later
Fast-forward 100 years, and Newport Beach has a harbor that is teeming with fishing and tour boats, and the streets are filled with shoppers at Fashion Island Mall. Thirsty tourists can stroll along Balboa Island and wander into its many bars and restaurants. Serious surfers know all about The Wedge, which is an adrenaline rush along the 6 miles of beaches.

In 1906, the Newport Beach area was a booming beach town, and voted to incorporate. Back then, you could buy a bayside home for $500. Yes, really. Today the median price of homes is right at $550,000, and homeowners want these exclusive properties to be shown at their very best.
Making Your Newport Beach Home Look Its Best

You love Newport Beach for the views, the lifestyle, the weather, and the environment you can create in this paradise. At Interior Affairs, we want to help you create an environment that is spacious, elegant and restful.

We love this bedroom. The room is very welcoming, due to several factors. First of all, the furniture is in perfect size to the space in the room, so you do not feel crowded. There is ample room to walk around the bed to see outside, or walk down the hallway. The room is spacious and can handle two additional seating areas: the two corner chairs that are joined at the foot of the bed, as well as the reading lounging bench seat by the window. Can’t you just picture yourself here having a cup of coffee or tea on a restful weekend?

The fireplace in the bedroom was also remodeled, using beautiful natural stone, giving a soft modern approach to the overall design.

The lighting in the room is significant as well. Soft, indirect lights cast a warm glow into the room. The area rug, a soft welcome for your bare feet, works together perfectly with the medallion motif pillows, duvet and sofa, and yet you still have the warmth of the hardwood floors to admire.

The same airy yet elegant feel is carried throughout the house. The color scheme is soft, inviting, yet playful. Imagine snuggling up on this lounging bench seat with a best friend hearing the latest! The soft seafoam, brown and paprika anchor the room without making it feel overdone: just right. Again, the views are important when living in Newport Beach, so our interior designers wanted to be sure to capture every square inch!

We love turning your home into your oasis. Our interior design team works diligently through all the details in order to give your home the luxurious feeling your desire. Contact us to let us assist you!

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