How the Interior Design Process Works

How the Interior Design Process Works

How the Interior Design Process Works1. An Initial Design Consultation

Interior Affairs, interior designer of Orange County, Vickie Daeley plans a visit to the client’s home to evaluate the scope of the work. We ask questions that pertain to the client’s lifestyle. We find out about their personal needs. Typically we are able to determine a budget range for the interior design project at hand.

A second visit may be made to the client’s home to take pictures and measurements so all things can be considered when beginning the design project.

2. The Preliminary Interior Design Presentation

Your preliminary design presentation is shared with you in your home at our design studio. Oftentimes, the preliminary presentation becomes the final presentation as our clients are usually in agreement with the design and budget costs.

Color renderings along with creative detailed drawings are available with many design plans. This is a sure way of our clients being able to visualize a complete design of their interiors. We will show you the selected fabrics, furniture, lighting, flooring and even accessories in many cases that give the client a perfect vision of what they can expect in their own homes when their project is complete.

3. Ordering Process

Once the interior design plan has been approved and purchased, we begin our ordering process. Everything that is ordered is put into production and manufacturing. Once items are ready for installation, our deliveries take place.

4. Delivery and Final Installation

Once the items have been delivered, an accessory call is in order. If the clients wish, we bring accessories out to your home and place them with the price tags so you can shop right in your own home.

It’s that easy.

We work with blueprints.

We use Auto Cad.

We do remodels.

We do Kitchen and Bath Remodels

We do accessory calls.

We do one room or the entire house.

We work with your budget and timeframe.