Kitchens – The Heart of the Home

Fabulous kitchens often times evolve from one major appliance that needs to be replaced. As this happens a decision is in the making. What color, what style…what is the latest trend…? With so many choices and so many elements to consider, how does one make cohesive decisions that will make this special place the “heart of the home”? Below are just few of the elements that may help to determine your design style.

Define your style by selecting below:


Monochromatic tones and textures                                     Columns

Warm colors                                                                        Cool colors

Stainless steel appliances                                                      White or color appliances

Mixing wood tones                                                              Painted wood

All one wood color                                                              Mixing paint with stain woods

Streamline Cabinets                                                             Furniture-like cabinets

Straight lines                                                                        Glass door with lighting

Curved lines                                                                        Carved accents

Ceramic Subway Tile                                                            Natural Stone

Dark wood tones                                                                 Glass tile

        Do you find yourself choosing carved accents, warm colors, mixed wood tones and furniture-like cabinets?  These elements tend to be on the traditional side of design.  Your style could be Tuscany, French, or even Spanish.  Classic designs…  these styles stand the test of time and are a favorite for many homeowners!

 kitchen design            Are you choosing streamline, dark wood tones, stainless steel, and glass tile? These elements tend to be on the minimalist side of design.  Your style could be modern, contemporary or transitional.  Today’s trend…  These designs are cutting-edge and becoming increasingly popular.  Keep in mind, the more detailed your answers are, the better you will be able to determine your style.Kitchen Nook

          There are no wrong or right answers in choosing your style. Every  kitchen,  large or small, can have all the right elements to create interest and warmth.  In choosing the very best design for your kitchen, you can rely on the knowledge of professional interior designer, Vickie Daeley!