Laguna 1

Living only a short distance from the beach, this client wanted a place where guests could come to relax. They wanted it to be a true vacation spot both inside and out. With a very busy schedule they knew that the best thing would be to get a designer involved. Having already used Interior Affairs for other projects they were confident that their project would be done to their satisfaction and within their budget and time frame.


Taking cues from the surroundings a neutral color palate was selected. Soft warm tans and rich browns created the perfect backdrop for the patterns, textures and pops of color in the bed pillows. Adding texture was important in this space to help capture the same senses you encounter along the beach. Soft subtle linens in warm tans and creams give the sense of the rolling sand, while the soft blue in the patterned fabric reminds you of the cool ocean waves. The window treatment was carefully thought out. Combining a sheer fabric at the top and linen on the bottom let the sun filter in but also kept a sense of privacy. Tying it back with decorative tiebacks gave it a windswept romantic look, perfect for this dreamy space. Using clean lines and minimal trimmings helped to keep things neat and not fussy. The use of the accessories and art helped to finish off the space and make it feel complete.

Our clients were so happy with the final result in their vacation home. They knew that it would last and feel fresh and comfortable each time they walked in. It was a true romantic getaway that would remind them of one of their favorite places at the beach.