Layering Your Home Design

If you are like most of us, you want to have your home interiors completely finished so now all you have to do is enjoy it, right? At Interior Affairs, we understand that we all want to come home to a place that says, ‘Welcome’. We want our home to be a place that makes us feel rested and relaxed; where we can enjoy ourselves as we settle in for the evening.

For many of us, redecorating all of the interiors of a home at once is not possible. So Interior Affairs has come up with a way to make your home look great as you get to the finish line of your interior design projects.

We call it: Layering Your Home Design!

Start with the Basics

Beginning with the basic needs, Interior Affairs recommends purchasing neutral based colors that will easily work with any color palette you decide upon later. This means purchasing your kitchen seating, dining room table and chairs, and bedroom furniture; such as the bed, dresser, and nightstands for each room. Depending upon your budget, this could take a few months, or up to even a year.

Onto the Accents

Then, we continue with the comforts of using nicer bedding, pillows, rugs, and accent lighting, such as lamps. For these accents, we look for pops of color and/or patterns that fit nicely with the neutral furniture in your home. Just like in fashion, adding layers of pieces to a room’s design personalizes it and makes it more dynamic.

End with the Decor

Lastly, we continue with the wall décor, the accessories, and small accent pieces that bring everything together. If you like a little bling, the wall decor and accessories are the best way to incorporate it into your home. By incorporating decor that compliments the existing furniture and home accents, we will effectively add depth and intrigue to your living space.

Interior Affairs is available to make each of these layers work for you. We have price points that will be very satisfactory, especially if you’re a new homeowner or even a new apartment renter. We hope this information will help you to consider using us as your design firm in all that you do for your place of sanctuary.

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