Let Your Design Dreams Become Reality

While you might want a whole new look for your home, you also might feel a bit hesitant about allowing a designer to take control of the project. While a professional is a huge asset when it comes to create the perfect design, we understand that you want the finished product to reflect your personality and style.

The task of a designer is not to tell others how to decorate their homes but to take information about each client’s individual tastes and situation and create a design that truly suits their needs. A good designer will never force a client to select a design they dislike but rather help you transform your vision and dream of how you want your home to look into reality.

The first step is to meet your designer and the design team in person to accurately get a sense of your needs and goals. A second visit will be scheduled and during this visit, we will take photos and measurements to ensure that all of the elements of design will be a perfect fit. Before we begin the project, we will deliver a design presentation that provides a glimpse at how your custom design will look upon completion.

One important aspect of design is continuity, and your design firm should be able to create a cohesive design within your home that truly allows one room to flow into another. You also want to find a firm with a vision that blends elegance and warmth and introduces classic elements of design that will be pleasing for many years to come.

While it takes some time and patience, in the end you will be amazed at the joy you feel every time you step through your front door. Your home really is your castle’ and a great designer can truly transform your house into your dream home.

Whether you are interested in redesigning just one area of your home or need a whole-house redesign, consider contacting us at Interior Affairs. We specialize in making the design process as easy and as exciting as possible. Interior Designer Vickie Daeley and her design team are committed to providing the finest interior design possible. Each person on the design team is an experienced, full-time employee with design certificates and degrees in interior design.

Call us today and schedule an initial appointment. We look forward to making your design dreams come true!