Why Our Brains Love Luxury Interiors

Why Our Brains Love Luxury Interiors

Why Our Brains Love Luxury InteriorsLuxury. Everyone wants it, but not everyone thinks that they can get it. Perhaps it’s because the smallest mention of the word brings up mental images of mansions, designer clothing, and the sleekest of cars.

The reality of it all is there isn’t anyone who doesn’t love lavishness, especially when it comes to interiors. The proof is all around us. Who passes up the opportunity to view insider peeks into celebrity homes? Why else would we want tips on how to have our own luxurious oasis?

The truth is there a very few characteristics about how our brains perceive luxury. Read below to find out more!

Lavish Items Feel Self-Indulgent

We often associate certain feelings like lounging on a plush sofa, soaking in a bubble bath, or even cooking in your kitchen with the concept of luxury. When we do get a chance to do any one of these things we feel as though we’re getting to indulge.

We aren’t alone in these feelings! A study was done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information that found evidence suggesting a link between luxury brands and the area of the brain that controls self-interest. In this study they asked the participants to look at select images of cars. Half of that group was given high end brand while the other looked at more pragmatic choices. The researchers ultimately found that the luxury group experienced brain activity while the pragmatic group did not.

Who ever said that self-indulgence was a bad thing? Exactly. Your home should feel like a getaway from the outside world where you are constantly catering to other people’s needs. Take some time to sit back and really think about which aspects of your home design would make you feel most pampered. If you’re having trouble consider looking for designs online and look for those that catch your eye the most. Take those that catch your eye and make note of them and try to work them into your spaces to create that luxury interior feel.

One thing is for certain: Luxury interiors will never go out of style. Regardless of what trends come and go, we will always be attracted to those interiors that make us feel most pampered and indulged. Take these tips into account as you consider the rooms within your home. There’s no doubt you will be able to infuse a little luxury here and there.