Mixing it up!

Mixing it up!

Mixing it up!

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When it comes to Interior Decoration are you perplexed by those quizzes in magazines that summon you to “find your decorating style”, take heart; you’re not alone, and you certainly don’t have a split personality. Most of us really do like to mix it up a bit and don’t feel the need to commit to one particular decorating style. The question is how does one go about actually doing this? Vickie Daeley, her professional interior designer team at Interior Affairs is your answer.

California is known for its eclectic look…some would say an anything goes attitude. But even in eclectic design, there is a trick to making it your own and keeping everything in balance in interior decorating.

Function is most prominent element in any luxury interior design. Determining the functionality of the room is the one important key element to any design. Imagine yourself in the room utilizing every aspect of the room. Keeping mind the focal points of the room, such as a view, fireplace, or an important element such as a television. Does the room become easily used? Can you move about the room with ease? If the room does not function, you will not be happy for long.

Scale is next! If the scale of the furnishings is off, you may not even realize what the problem is…you may feel something is not right. This can sometimes happen when moving furnishings from one house to another or even from one room to another. Take for example, a medium size club chair, you may have had in a bedroom next to the bed, now you move it into the living room and somehow the actual size seems to be fine, but there is something that just does not feel right. It could be that the chair is a lower profile which can make a room will higher ceilings seem like it is swallowing it up. The chair can seem too small as it is not in scale to the new location in that particular room.

Then beauty! Yes, believe it or not beauty is probably the last thing to consider when designing a space. The furnishings need to fit the scale of the room, be reasonably functional and then of course be beautifully and properly placed in the room. You may have a beautiful piece in a room that does the piece no justice simply because of placement or scale!

I find my clients asking me for Interior Design help to discover how their home should look. They talk to me about the color scheme, things they don’t like, how they utilize their home. They also state what is important to them when it comes to using pieces they love and about letting go of items they really do not care about. All of this is very good input and helps us to begin to understand the client and their thought process. Most of the time, they are ready for a change and quite frankly have been ready for a change for a long time. They have struggled with the challenge of doing their projects themselves only to find another year has gone by and they are no closer to getting this project done.

In order to find what benefits of using an interior designer will do for you and for your needs, wants, and mixing up your style, call Vickie Daeley to find our why our clients all over Southern California have trusted the team at Interior Affairs to design their homes for over 25 years! This interior design firm wants to prove their commitment to you by mixing up all of your luxury designer home needs!