Need to Light Up Your Backyard? Follow These Rustic Lighting Tips

Rustic chic accents were especially made for the backyard, as their bucolic feel fits well with the natural setting. And if you would like to add some instant rustic ambiance and class to your backyard, the best way to do it is to add outdoor rustic lighting using string lights. This might strike you as not classy. You may picture plastic tiki string lights or out of season holiday lights.

Rustic Bulbs That Are Exposed

A quick way to get a rustic chic look is to opt for a classic exposed filament bulb style. Old style light bulbs give off something of an antique look. But they still add a lot of ambient lighting, thanks to the softer glow of their light source in contract to certain LED types.

You can easily hang the lights from trees to juxtapose the natural plant life with the industrial style light source. They can also look great hanging over eating areas or patios to light up where individuals socialize.

Combining the Light Types

Another idea for rustic lighting is to go for the exposed bulb style combined with more traditional string lighting. This idea works great with small string lights in either white or a cool color like green. Bolder colors such as multi-color styles, red or orange may look too seasonal, like they belong around a Christmas tree. But white and cool-color lights will give you backyard a timeless, clean-looking feel to your outdoor rustic accent lighting.

Use Some Rustic Accents

You can also combine your outdoor lighting with your other rustic inspired accent items. An additional classic idea that fits into rustic chic styles is an old style lantern. These could either hang next to string lights or be their own light source. Lanterns with rustic lights in them, such as flameless candles, are also popular for backyard rustic chic styles. These fit well hanging or on nice table settings as accents.

Share Natural Elements with Rustic Lighting

Another idea is to put together rustic lighting sources with accents from nature. Candles are nice for adding an instant classic appeal and a globe design will show them off well. Hanging globe lights from a natural garland design is a classic way to bring in the rustic appeal of natural textures.

You can do this in a variety of ways. You can choose to go with a natural arch and hang the globe lights from the top. Lights like these can sit within natural wreaths on a beautiful table setting.

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Hang Rustic Lighting Near the Natural Wood

Old style bulbs and lightly aged wood combined looks beautifully bucolic and classic. You could use this idea in a variety of ways, as well. For example, you may hang exposed bulbs like an outside a barn style shed. Or you may hang string lights over a reclaimed wooden patio table. 

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