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Open Invitation- Interior AffairsOutdoor luxury design lures you in and with help from Vickie Daeley Interior Designer Orange County you can be sure to get the experience you and your guests are never expecting. There’s a certain, ‘freshness’ about entertaining in spaces that are open with enticing breezes and interior spaces that welcome in views. Outdoor rooms provide a feeling of comfort, and a sense of easiness. They are one of the newest rages in Southern California! This concept of ‘outdoor rooms’ have simply exploded in the past few years…and why not? With Southern California’s gorgeous weather, it is the perfect investment as it becomes an asset to any home. Home and gardens interior design firm Interior Affairs can merry your indoor and outdoor spaces with ease!


Designing an outdoor room can be as simple or intricate as you desire. From townhomes to custom homes the concept, of outdoor rooms, are on the agendas for many homeowners nowadays. From using aged old furniture pieces to elaborate elegance, your outdoor space can become a unique place that you can feel rested and at peace. Remember when you are choosing fabric colors and pattern styles, that there are hundreds to choose from…and all of them have tremendously improved in durability.


Chances are, while entertaining you may find yourself as the host and or hostess going in and out of the home…so why not give some thought to installing a center-open sliding door or stacked glass doors, sometimes referred to as an invisible wall. Using either one of these features allows the interior and exterior to flow together more easily. It invites your guests to come in and out with complete ease. It literally brings in the outside or the inside out!


While you are designing your outdoor space, you may think about adding an outdoor kitchen. By bringing a kitchen outside you are guaranteed to keep your guests outside and all your essential needs for the party readily available for them. An outdoor kitchen can make entertaining enjoyable for everyone, including the host and hostess!


A Southern California home is a great place to incorporate an outdoor living space and kitchen where your open invitation of entertaining can be made easy for everyone!  For more information on how you can get started with your interior design help, call premier Interior Design Firm Interior Affairs at – 714-970-8000 or 949-640-5000.




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