Nothing can show a dramatic change or make an impact quite like a before and after picture.  Whether it’s a makeover of a person or a home, it makes a statement.  When making changes to a home most people want to rush to the end and see the final result.  With shows like HGTV and websites like Houzz and Pinterest finding these dramatic images is easier than ever.  For many, these pictures bring creative inspiration and design ideas that they want to emulate.  What the pictures don’t show you is all of the time and planning that can go into a redesign or remodeling project.  Finding a designer to help you can be invaluable and give you the “Before and After” you are hoping for without the headache and guesswork.

For example, changing a floorplan layout in a bathroom, or adding windows where you didn’t even think it would be possible are just some of the things a designer would have the expertise to guide you on.  Thinking of your house as a whole and knowing that it is all in the details will help your project to be the best it can, and ultimately give you the impact you want to make your “Before and After” photo even better than the ones that brought your inspiration.

The following transformations we’ve made in our clients homes are just some examples of what is possible.  Whether it was adding custom details with things like, cabinetry, tilework, furnishings, accessories, custom draperies, adding new doors or windows or doing complete bathroom or kitchen renovations, these clients started with a plan and inspiration that they brought to us to execute.  Even if they didn’t know exactly what they wanted, we were able to help them determine what they were hoping for and finish the job to their satisfaction.