Sense of Balance

LivingRoomLiving RoomLivingRoomLivingRoomSense of Balance

 In this living room you can seek comfort in a space that evokes a relaxed atmosphere with an inviting elegance.  With a comfortable essence that prevail by using accents that add depth, texture, and sophistication. The windows are simply framed with gorgeous silk red and gold treatments, pulling the outside in and emphasizing on the lush landscaping that garnishes the outside of the house so spectacularly.  French doors on the opposite side of the room draw upon the natural light that radiates from the backside of the room for inspiration of a soft yet warm color pallet. Intimate family gatherings in this room range from sharing a glass of wine with the best of friends to a quiet night lounging on the plush furnishings, and even a small family affair around the warm fireplace. Infusing the traditions of the past and the lifestyles of today is what creates the true expression of family and this cozy space would be the perfect place to allow memories to be cherished for years to come.

“Designing with opulent fabrics and furnishings seems to be what most of my clients are seeking today. Matching the opulence of fabrics to practicality is where designing can become a little complex. I like to focus on the details as I believe that in order for a room to be comfortable, it needs to be purposeful. Once that has been achieved the beauty naturally falls into place”, says Vickie Daeley of Interior Affairs.