Showing Off the Merchandise!

ChandeilierLighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Light defines the mood which creates the ambiance you choose to display. From entertaining for a dinner party to setting the tone for quiet evening, proper lighting is essential.

Have you ever wondered…how your diamond ring can look so beautiful in the store and how it loses its brilliance once it is in your home? The reason is the lights…Yes! That’s right! While the diamonds are on display, in the jewelry cases, the lighting is doing its job…”Showing off the Merchandise ”! This is what lighting can do for you in your own home!

In order for a design plan to come together with perfection, your designer needs to give special thought and consideration as to the functionality of the room.How will the room be used on a day to day basis?


  •      Will this room have more than one use?
  •      Is this a place where you may watch television, throw a dinner party, or even need to study?
  •      Should there be task lighting?
  •      Going on a trip? Maybe you will need to use this room to pack your suitcase!


After these and many more questions are answered, your designer should be able to consider all factors and work together with an electrician specifying the needs of the room.


A tip:

Changing the tone of the room can become as easy as switching a normal light switch to a dimmer switch. This is usually something that can be done and the results are always amazing!