Staycations…Skip the travel and enjoy your home

Earlier this month we talked about outdoor rooms and their rise in popularity.  They help us stretch out the seasons right in our own backyard.  More people have decided that this investment into their existing home was a great benefit in more ways than one!  With the explosion of outdoor rooms and living spaces also came the rise of something else….staycations.  Sticking close to home has become more the norm than the exception.  Creating your own “5 Star Resort” at home can be a great way to make your vacation not only an investment in yourself but also in your home.  We have come up with some ways you can make your home ready for your next “Staycation”.

  • Complete outdoor projects

If you have been thinking about adding a deck, patio, pool or other outdoor space the time is now.  Getting your yard ready for summer will guarantee more time spent outside.  Putting in new amenities or even purchasing new outdoor furniture is a good way to make your backyard a new escape.  With outdoor fabrics and furniture that are fun and inviting your yard can transform with the same ambiance that a vacation resort or hotel would have.  If you are only looking to update and add a few things here are some other ideas that may help add a little “relaxation” to your backyard atmosphere:

  • Create a cozy outdoor place to read. Hang a hammock or put an oversized chair in a lush area of your yard.  Having a place to put your feet up, read or take an afternoon nap, can help you to unwind and get away from it all.
  • Build a fire pit or buy one from the store. You and the family can gather around for an evening chat or even pull out the trimmings for s’mores.  Having a place that invites warmth and gathering will be sure to extend those summer days outside.


  • Cook and eat your meals outside. Having an outdoor kitchen is a fantastic way to escape.  With plenty of space to gather with family and friends and watch the kids play it’s the best of both worlds.  Not to mention the fresh air helping to build your appetite! Being stuck inside with the heat from your oven is not anyone’s idea of fun, watching everyone else “play” through the window is no way to spend a fantastic summer day.


  • Water features can also make a huge impact. Closing your eyes and listening to the soothing sounds of falling or bubbling water can transport you and add the much needed tranquility you could find at a resort.


  • Change or add to your landscaping. A change of atmosphere is a huge appeal for a vacation destination.  A new pop of color or adding lush breezy plants can help transform your yard into an outdoor oasis.  Planting things you don’t normally have in your yard will make it seem new and fresh, not to mention there are some great plants that bloom in the summer!


  • Update outdoor furnishings. Adding new furniture and seating areas is another great idea.  With so many patterns to choose from you can create a truly new destination.  Also, consider adding a bar cart.  Taking your drinks from place to place makes it feel more like a vacation; poolside, to backyard, to indoors, you’ll be ready for relaxation.
  • Rethink your interiors

One thing a resort vacation can offer is a spa like retreat and atmosphere.  Why not create that in your own home, to enjoy whenever you want or need to?  We have come up with a list of ideas for enhancing your everyday interiors into a place of permanent relaxation and comfort.

  • A serene atmosphere can be one of the most appealing aspects about staying in a luxury resort. The down side is that trips to the spa can get pretty pricey.  Doing some remodeling in your own bathroom can be a great way to give you that feeling not just on vacation, but every day.  Updating your tub and shower can add some of the amenities you find at a spa (think jets, steam showers and bubbles) and make them entirely yours.  If you do update your tub and shower also think about doing a new color scheme and design with your tile and stone.  A fresh paint color and new accessories can also go a long way to create a whole new look and an entirely new feel to your bathroom, truly making it an escape!


  • Make some changes in your bedroom. Sleep may seem to come more easily on vacation, but it can at home too.  This can be a great time to update your old mattress and bedding.  Do some research and purchase a bed that will help you to sleep like a baby every night.  When selecting your new bedding, think of the type of fabrics you use.  Soft silky sheets will feel like a “5 star hotel” and help keep you cool on those summer nights.  Layers of blankets can be inviting and soothing as well.  Rethinking the style and color scheme is another great way to update the space.  Using tranquil colors and textures can make your “old” bedroom feel new and refreshing.


  • Add new details to some of your rooms. Ceiling fans can be good to add as well.  Not only will it evoke a lazy, tropical resort feel but the cool constant breeze is comforting and relaxing.  It can help to keep energy costs down and help to circulate the air.  There are many different design styles to choose from that can blend in with your décor.  Adding other decorative accents can help make your spaces feel “new” and fresh.  Adding new pillows to your furniture or changing out rugs can help to update your space and create a feeling of escape from the “norm” that you are accustomed to.

Ultimately vacation activities are unique to everyone.  From adults, to kids and families, we all relax and have fun in different ways.  Creating a relaxing atmosphere at home can ensure a vacation-like experience on a more regular basis.  Hiring an interior designer can help with anything from small changes to big ones.  They can help you determine what changes go best with your budget and the way you live life in your home.  Unfortunately not all amenities can be “designed”, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have them.  To help with the new resort-style atmosphere you have created at home for your “stay-cation” consider making plans ahead of time and checking out your local community for activities in your area.  Eating at local restaurants and even hiring a masseuse to come to your home can add to the experience of a true vacation, at home!