Style Your Bookshelf with These 6 Tips

Books are one of those decorations that are functional and stylish. A nice looking bookshelf can make an office look regal and stately, or can add a bit of a personal touch to a living room. One of the best ways to learn about a person is to see the types of books they read.

Styling your bookshelf can be a great way to dress up a room and bring some new functionality into a space. Keep reading for a list of 6 tips to help with your decorating.

Balance Is Everything: Make sure to balance everything out on your bookshelf to make it look sleek and inviting. Just cluttering up the shelves with books and other items is going to make that particular area look really busy. Instead, focus on a few key color themes and try to repeat patterns of decorations across different parts of the shelf. A nice way to soften up a big stack of books is to simply put a small potted plant nearby.

Organize by Color: Using the rainbow as a decoration template is a nice way to easily organize your books and turn a shelf into an inviting display.

You will want to make sure that any other accessories are also of a similar color to keep the look flowing. If you want to break up a bit of the color coordination, don’t be afraid to stack books and then place a small lamp or vase on the top. Photos of family or friends also adds a bit of style in this type of design scheme.

Add Photos: Instead of just adding a few photos here and there, style up a bookshelf by making them the focal point of the design. Photos are a good way to personalize a shelf, especially if you have a theme throughout. Turn your bookshelf into a central location to show off your family wedding photos, or a special vacation.

Spice Things Up with Trendy Accessories: Gold and silver decorations might look gaudy in the rest of your house. But they’ll look right at home on a bookshelf, along with many other hot accessories. Let your bookshelf show off your style by making it a space to display unique accessories and other decorations, like gold figures or geometric displays.

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Go Odd: A very simple design rule is just to think of everything in odd numbers. Three books on a shelf always looks better than two. Five photographs looks nicer than six. Mix up odd numbers by changing up the height and size of any decorations. All of these design trends will make your shelf seem more stylish since it will be easier on the eyes.

Textures Are Everything: Mixing up textures with both fabrics and prints on a shelf can make everything look a lot trendier and stylish.

Along with your books, include some small artwork, flowers, baskets, ceramics, or wood decorations to add a bit of flair. The differences in textures and designs will make your shelf seem more modern and sleek.

Keep these six design tips in mind as you craft a beautiful bookshelf of your own. Remember, making a shelf into a trendy and fashionable piece of décor does not have to be expensive or time consuming. The simplest tricks and strategies usually work the best.

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