Summer Party

Summer Party-Interior Affairs Today more than ever we are using our backyards as a place for entertaining, let Local Interior Designer Vickie Daeley of luxury home designs help! Before we realize it summer will be coming to an end…why not plan the end summer with some sizzle?

From sending off your college bound student, a welcoming party for a new neighbor, a family gathering, an engagement party, or just starting a new tradition party planning can be for any reason at all. So if you have been thinking about planning a party now is the time to take our Interior Design guidance…



When it comes to invitations, one of the most important rules are making sure you have a well thought out plan on who you are inviting so that none of your guests will become an afterthought. Make it easy on yourself, by making a phone call, or using E-vite, or sending a simple card in the mail. Date, Time, and Place although very important, your guest will need to know how to RSVP…are kids welcome and or should they bring anything?



            Whether you are planning to barbeque, or just serve finger foods, there are certain things to consider while planning your menu. Drinks need ice, chocolate melts, and dairy may spoil. Keeping this in mind, can make a huge difference in the presentation of the food as well as help your guests know you understand how they will feel about serving food they can feel good about eating. Make sure everyone knows where to dispose of the dishes or paper plates and such…as this makes it so much nicer for the hostess and the guests.



            Consider how much seating will be necessary before your guest list is completed. Do you have enough room for everyone to feel comfortable. Will there be enough tables for their food or will they be using their laps to hold their food? Picture yourself at the party as a guest and see how comfortable you would feel. This can determine very quickly how many people you should invite or if you need to bring in tables and chairs to accommodate your guests. Round tables take up more room than square…however; more chairs will fit around the round than a square. Round tables are more intimate than square tables.


A Few More Thoughts:

Depending on how long the party will go, may mean you need to consider letting your guest know the expected weather so they can determine if they need to bring a sweater or windbreaker along for when the weather cools down.

Being a hostess or host of a party can be very stressful…however; the more you do it…the better you get at it. If there is any reason at all that is holding you back from being a host or hostess, just remember, that portion of the party can be handled by a professional. From catering the food, sprucing up the yard, to hiring the entertainment, and even having waiters and waitresses on hand right in your own backyard…you can make this a great event that your friends and family will remember for many years to come!


Interior Affairs is your premier Interior Design Firm that will bring assistance to all the essentials of your summer party planning and interior design help.