The Art Of Lighting

One of the reasons why it’s usually best to hire an experienced interior designer to create a new look for your home is that a designer can handle all of the important elements of design. Your designer will be planning out wall colors, furnishings, flooring, window treatments and a variety of special features and accents. Proper lighting is another highly important aspect of design, one that can make or break a room.

The designer takes into consideration a variety of lighting situations and options. Obviously, the amount of natural light already present in the room is an important consideration. While at nighttime this won’t be an issue, the amount of light during the daytime definitely affects window treatment options. A room with little direct light will need treatments that maximize the light, while a room that receives a great deal of sunshine might need heavier curtains and drapes to prevent glaring and fading.

Overhead lighting also can be installed, upgraded or altered to provide a better lighting scheme. The designer ensures that lighting complements the decor and carefully highlights different areas of the room. The lighting must be directed in order to make a room look welcoming and inviting. By carefully placing and angling lights, you avoid unattractive shadows or overly bright areas which definitely impact overall ambiance.

In addition to the overhead lighting, ambient lighting also adds a special touch to many rooms. A few lamps placed here and there provide both light and a decorative element that can really capture the spirit of the design. The use of accent lighting also will be considered, such as a beautiful wall sconce or the careful placement of candles or perhaps a light placed over a favorite painting.

For many rooms, the designer also will consider your task lighting needs. This is especially important in your kitchen, office, a bar and bathrooms where it’s important to have the proper amount of light focused just where you need it.

Lighting is perhaps one of the most challenging components of design, and those working with a designer will reap the benefits of their training and expertise. At Interior Affairs, we carefully consider all of the elements needed to create spectacular rooms that look fantastic at any time of the day or night.